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Windows Phone Is Alive Despite It All…

… Windows Phone is alive, regardless of a week where many declared it dead… again. The last Warptest post looked at some of the BS being reported.

During the day, the post prompted some disagreement which led to much discussion.

You Won’t Believe What Happened Next.. On Facebook

One of my friends leapt right into the fray to discuss this last post and my conclusions and this triggered several thoughts:

Windows Phone Is Alive - Facebook

The big problem with any metrics is they are hugely prone to misinterpretation out of context or people have a causation bias. In this case, I remembered just how hard it was to order one of the new Windows Phone 950 / 950 XL’s since their launch and there were repeated stories about limited numbers in the stores.

  1. So Q4 of 2015 did have lower numbers of devices sold, allegedly because less new devices were available.
  2. The next equally important point was OEM buy in. Since Windows 10’s launch the OEMs had been going wild announcing new Windows Phone devices. Several were seen at CES but weren’t available yet for consumers to buy. These are coming to market in Q1 / Q2 2016.

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Here are links to the 3 phones shown above (and there are more):

So we have two major factors skewing the numbers there. Meanwhile Windows Central were realizing that their numbers were a source of some of the malarkey going on and so they released a post clarifying the issue and providing some serious context.

Hat tip to Windows Central for taking responsibility here. The title of the post “The journalist’s guide to reading tea leaves aka AdDuplex Windows Phone Stats” is a lot nicer than many people deserve for the FUD they spread.

The Warptest POV

Little did I know earlier today that both Xiaomi and Sony were going to be in the news today as additional OEMs launching Windows Phones. Xiaomi are expected to launch a Windows 10 version of their Mi-5 handset and Sony are expected to announce a Windows Phone 10 addition to the ultrasleek Vaio line (at long last James Bond may get a Windows Phone in the next movie).

That’s right folks, yet more OEMs buying into Windows Phone. What do they know that we don’t?

I’m waiting on several mainstream startups with huge popularity to deliver Universal Apps onto Windows Phone and I know of a few others working on migrating their iOS apps thru the Microsoft iOS Bridge project. Discretion being the watchword here, all I can say is watch this space for when the news embargo lifts.

Let’s boil this down: there’s a bunch of bloggers out there who should be asking themselves if they did right by Windows Phone & the people who worked on building the platform. These posts had an impact on consumers who were considering Windows Phone. I was contacted by several people about this today asking if they should not be moving to Windows Phone. After answering their questions and scheduling with one to come try my phone, I told them simply, “Windows Phone is Alive.”

“It’s alive..” with thanks to Young Frankenstein via

At the end of the day, Windows Phone is alive. Seeing what comes next is the exiting part.