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Last Week I Heard Robert Scoble Speak About Wearable Tech…

…the event was hosted by Google Tel Aviv as part of their Campus Talks series.

Robert Scoble Campus TLV Event

The talk was engaging and all about Wearable Technologies. @Scobleizer as he is known on Twitter filled the room with his personality as much as the crowd there to hear him speak.

Rober Scoble Wearable Talk

Some of the things I took away from the talk were: –

  • Wearables are here and the technology works.
  • People will opt in even at the cost of their privacy for the benefits they gain.
  • Services are mostly supported in the high population density areas like downtown urban centers.
  • Security is not about opting out it’s about the implicit social contract between users and companies built on trust and transparency.
  • The streams of data involved here are massive but each service is an ecosystem in its own right.

This being held at Google there were obviously Google Glass wearers there. One more take away from the talk was that Glass is version 1.

The camera unit design needs to evolve so it doesn’t come between the wearer and other people they are trying to converse with.

The Warptest POV

Wearable technology has incredible potential which we have only begun to realize. Robert Scoble evangelizes this niche enthusiastically and with a great deal of personal knowledge.

One thing that occurred to me after hearing about the miniscule sensors involved in this that I have thought again and again,

“Much of technological evolution in the late 20th and 21st Century owes a huge thank you to Star Trek.”

The big question is where will we be when flipper communicators, stun gun phasers, wireless medical tricorders and other inventions actually exceed the forward thinking of the show / movies?

I would even go one step further regarding Google Glass, perhaps the dislike many have for Glass wearers is due to the subtle, visual association with cyborgs like the Borg.

Google Glass Unfairly Compared To Borg

Personally, I’m fascinated by Glass not disturbed but it clearly has some iteration to go.

In a nutshell, Wearable tech is turning us into vast, mobile data sources. Those who avail themselves of this technology will be more exposed but will also reap the benefits.

If nothing else Robert Scoble is clearly our Captain Kirk, boldly going where no-one has gone before (with respect to Wearable Tech).

Are you going to follow him?

The Surface Family Is Expected To Grow Tomorrow…

…with the live Webcast of The Surface Event from New York starting 8am PDT:

Surface Event

Most of the big tech blogs have revealed that we can expect to hear about:

  • A Surface 3 Pro: A Windows 8.1 Professional device with an improved physical design with subtle changes to case, bezel and the snap-on touch cover / keyboard but also expect to see 4G/LTE support.
  • A Surface Mini: Finally we might be getting the smaller form factor. Will it be a phablet? Will it also have the expected 4G/LTE? If we do get this device a smaller keyboard is a certainty. The big question is will the Mini be only a Windows RT device or will Microsoft follow in the footsteps of the Asus Transformer T100 and go for Windows 8 Pro?

In a nutshell this picture is going to have either one or two more models as of tomorrow (each possibly with a couple of variations):

Surface Product Line

The Other Rumors

A couple of other rumors have been floating around:

  1. Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella will be flying in to participate in the webcast.
  2. The BIG rumor is that we are going to see the launch of a Microsoft Smart Watch. This would be incredible as until now none of the major Smart Watches seem to support Windows Phone.

Surface Watch Mockup

The Warptest POV

This is an exciting time for Microsoft and consumers who love the brand. Not just because as the Surface product line grows undoubtedly many of the Windows 8 OEMS will want to follow suit but if a Surface Mini and a Microsoft Surface / Smart Watch are launched then this is proof positive of Microsoft fully embracing a new attitude of rolling out cutting edge products into competitive markets in a reasonable timescale.

No more 5 year lag between iPhone and Windows Phone, Microsoft has realized and evolved into a company that iterates, develops and launches while a market is still open to competition.

Just as important, we can assume that a Smart Watch would only be the start and as part of the Devices Philosophy being embraced by Microsoft that more Wearable tech will be headed our way from Redmond in the near future.

This bodes well for the consumer and the company alike and lays rest to the issues I raise in an earlier post this year about Microsoft Wearables.

I’ll be watching the live webcast excitedly. How about you?