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Testers Have Skills …

… As a tester who has graduated to management but kept their hands-on I try to keep my skills to par.

With that in mind I’m lucky that I’m blessed with a great visual memory.

I was just watching the trailer for the new, upcoming season of BBC’s fantastic Sherlock on Mashable and at 24 seconds into the trailer there is a rooftop scene (also shown at the very start of the trailer).

Sherlock has his back to the camera, wearing his wool overcoat and he looks down from the rooftop on London with Big Ben in the distance.

Wait A Second!

My testers’ skills kicked in and I took a second look at the scene and immediately recalled that this was an almost exact copy of the rooftop scene at the end of the latest James Bond, Skyfall.

I decided to confirm this by checking and lo and behold I was right:

007 and Sherlock - Manual Testers

The Warptest POV

Whilst this is an amusing case of being caught using the same striking view for a dramatic camera shot the same skills apply to Testers: –

  • Attention to detail.
  • Strong visual memory.
  • The ability to make intuitive associations on the fly / during testing.
  • Deductive reasoning.
  • Adherence to methodology without becoming bored from it.
  • A love of the chase (or discovery of a bug).

These are some of the things that can ensure that bugs get caught during Testing even by a Tester who has seen your Application in action before.

In a nutshell Testers need a little bit of 007 and a little bit of Sherlock in their skillset.

Who is managing your testing efforts?

12/12/2013: The post was changed due to some incredibly helpful advice you can find in the comments. One of the things I love about getting comments is the food for thought that can help reframe your perspective on an issue.