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10K Tweets Made Me Mad…

This wasn’t simply about the rumor of removing the 140-character limit to tweets, 10K Tweets were the tipping point.

Twitter has been losing relevance and simply disappearing from conversation. The one thing you can actually say for certain, this rumor has made Twitter relevant and back in conversation.

I can’t imagine waking up to a change of this magnitude without a series of knock-on effects. Just imagine scrolling through a 10K Tweet as more appear onscreen.

10K Tweets - Kirk Khan

Today Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter tweeted an explanation:


If the rumors are correct then one thing is certain, Twitter tomorrow will be an evolution and this evolution will require fundamental change.

It’s important to keep in mind a couple of things: –

  1. Even if every tweet can be 10000 characters, it doesn’t mean every tweet will be: many Twitter users who love the brevity of 140-characters will continue doing that most of the time.
  2. As 140-characters has an etiquette and teaches a discipline, 10K Tweets will require an etiquette of their own: it’s going to be a learning process.
  3. Twitter apps as we know them are all dead: the fundamental UX of rapid real-time messaging is going to have to change to accommodate the new tweet limit.
  4. It’s not just going to change how individuals tweet; brands will have to adapt fast to survive.

… and one important question:

Has Jack Dorsey cracked the conundrum of monetizing Twitter?

The Warptest POV

Whilst I was annoyed at the state of Tweetdeck Web and Twitter’s other apps, it occurred to me today that for 10000-character tweets to work, to be searchable text as Dorsey mentions in his tweet above, all apps are going to have to be torn down and rebuilt from the ground up to work.

Perhaps, this has been coming for a long time, thus why work on two branches: changes to current apps & new apps with radically changed UX / UI to cope with maintaining real-time and 10K tweets.

Use cases and etiquette: I link to the definitive post on the subject by Hillel Fuld. I’m looking forward to reading his interpretation of 10K tweets and how he thinks tweeting behavior should change.

Brevity: if you love the brevity of it all, you’ll probably keep doing what you’re doing now except for the occasional high impact 10K Tweet. I suspect the less you use the 10K limit, the better the ROI.

You’re probably asking, “What the heck did you mean by …crack the conundrum of monetizing Twitter..”

This is pure speculation, but if it was my decision I’d make 10K Tweets a for pay option with the following: –

  • Searchable text
  • Promote this tweet
  • 10K Analytics

Well it seems I’ve passed through the denial and anger stages right to the imagine how good it could be stage. How about you?

Twitter Is In The News Again…

This time Kara Swisher’s Re/Code blog reports that Twitter are allegedly considering removing their everything that defines them, 140 character limit, in favor of a FREAKING 10000 characters!

The defining, core concept has always been brevity, a skill that redefined communication and sharing in real time.

If Twitter throws the very thing that defines them to the sharks, then why use them? A tweet: sounds short, sweet and to the point and should be.

Twitter You Vex Me!

10000 characters: kiss the concept of microblogging goodbye. Forget real time, do you know how long it takes most people to compose 10000 characters? By the time you tweet, you’ve missed 3 news cycles and forget the phrase “breaking news”.

Twitter Dammit Jim Meme

The Warptest POV

Until now, I’ve swallowed buying Tweetdeck, deadpooling most of their product line but leaving Tweetdeck Web as the biggest memory leak in web app history.

I’ve taken deep breaths into a paper bag over the lack of a serious Windows 8 and now Windows 10 Twitter app. Seriously, don’t you get that owning the platform means users expect you to invest in winning apps?

I’m not even going to relate to the continued failure to address dark tweets i.e. no enforcement against cyberbullying, violent or hate speak.

I’ll give it to you that Twitter Analytics are pretty damn awesome but the only time I really use Twitter from the browser is when Tweetdeck freezes on me again.

Come on Twitter are you really conceding all business Tweets to Hootsuite? It just shows no drive, no pride.

Nutshell, time to focus not on supersizing Tweets, focus on retaining your users by building a better experience that allows us to continue to engage, share and communicate in real time with BREVITY.

I’ll give Jack Dorsey this, you certainly made Twitter relevant and discussed again. Now crack the whip on your app development team.