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Daylight Saving Time

Love it or hate it here in Israel we just changed our clocks and our computers seem to have handled it okay, so do our Smartphones.

After twiddling with our analog clocks and watches those are fine too.

The recurring problem here that most people forget about is how Daylight Saving Time can do unfortunate things to our web calendars.

Daylight Saving Time - Calendar

Panic In The Streets

Whether it’s CalDAV or ActiveSync doesn’t seem to matter, every year at some point in the days after the change to Daylight Saving Time we notice that the appointments are scheduled wrong and for those of us with good memory we laugh it off and change it to the right time. Most of us have a real Khaaaaan moment and hunt for the original email about the appointment.

Seamlessly made with Picotale in Microsoft
It gets better:

  • If an appointment is sent between platforms e.g. I invite someone using GCal from my Calendar then the actual appointment time maybe an hour off.
  • If I sync appointments between my phone and my web calendar then this Daylight Saving Time bug can occur too.

Basically for several weeks there is a level of uncertainty whether we can trust the time our appointments are set at.

The beauty of calendar appointments is they are easy to make and easy to approve so what do we do to sort this out?

This is where common sense comes in to the picture…

The Warptest POV

I’m blessed with being married to a smart, sensible and beautiful wife. She came up with a great way to make sure you aren’t late for that important meeting or interview:

When you add an appointment to your web calendar write the time in the description as part of the text. Don’t just rely on the time field which is where the problem can lie.

The basic test is send a dummy appointment to a friend and ask them to check after they approve it whether the times match.

Keep an eye on your calendar and if after a few days you see the problem isn’t occurring then you are probably safe but double-check after your phone and web calendar sync.

Good luck and have a great weekend.