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About.Me Intro App…

… takes your About.Me profile and allows you to share it from your smartphone.

For those who aren’t familiar with About.Me they are a startup that allows users to create an online page that aggregates your personal online identity in a safe manner.

De facto it is a virtual business card. In fact, About.Me have done several deals with Moo who make physical business cards to give users the choice to have actual cards based on their About.Me profile.

About.Me Intro App - AboutMe page

In addition the site has a social networking element allowing users to discover new contacts or those they already follow on other platforms, see and rate / comment on their profile pages and contact them should they need their services.

About.Me Intro App - About.Me Menu

As you can see from the dropdown menu (this is taken from the after login, landing page) a user has a variety of options ranging from the social features available for each profile displayed, managing their own profile, analytics and of course upgrading to a paid version with added features.

All Well And Good But…

… How does this help me outside of the app and or searchable discovery of my profile? If you notice the blue handshake icon in the bottom right of the screen capture the text is “Turn your About.Me page into a digital business card.

Enter smartphone app Intro: About.Me Intro App allows you to login to the app on your Windows Phone, iPhone or Android with the same About.Me credentials and presto you have your About.Me profile ready to share.

There you are at a Tweetup or other networking event, you left your business cards at home or perhaps the details are out of date. No problem, Intro allows you ask the people opposite you for their emails, phone number or About.Me page and once you’ve entered it into the app, you’ve shared your details. Simple as pie.

About.Me Intro AppAbout.Me Intro App - sharing

Whilst a truly killer feature might be NFC sharing or something akin to the shuttered app, Bump the fact is that Intro does something very important. It takes away your reliance on tech and demands you at least introduce yourself and ask for the other person’s contact details.

The Warptest POV

Extroverts are going to have no problem using Intro and Introverts are not going to find this too stressful,

“Hello I’m …. Nice to meet you. Would you like my Digital business card?”

At the end of the day, this is an elegantly simple solution which allows you to attend conferences and other networking events without the need for swapping and dealing with business cards.

Another major selling point that I’ve been focusing on lately is that this app is fully cross-platform. Yes, it has a version for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. No one is excluded from networking on the About.Me platform. My hat is off to the company for investing wisely in this. Simply put, why concede part of your user base to your competition. That’s inbuilt admission of limited resources, lack of will or no drive on your part but About.Me seems to have the resources, will and drive to spare.

About.Me Intro App - App Stores Link

Click this link to get to the Intro App links to the respective App Stores and an introductory video

My recommendation, if you aren’t on About.Me then resolve that and sign up. If you attend even one potential networking event a year then install the About.Me Intro App on your smartphone and make your social and professional networking about as painless as it can get. Intro gets a strong Warptest recommendation.

Moleskine …

For quite a few years I have kept a stock of Moleskine notebooks in different sizes as my go-to notes, sketch and idea keeper.

For someone who the generic yellow A4 legal pad doesn’t quite do it or if you enjoy the discussion it prompts when you pull out your Moleskine notebook in a meeting then this brand is for you.

The Moleskine Store

An App, yes and App…

Imagine my pleasure when I was looking through the Windows Store and discovered that there is a free Moleskine App.

I have a simple note taking App but it lacked something and I found myself simply not using it however the UX of the Moleskine app on Windows Phone manages to take the look and feel of analogue notebook and bring it into the digital domain.

 The Moleskine Windows Phone App

The app is also for iOS and Android (ICS 4.0+ on the Samsung App Store).

Perfect or Not…

The Windows Store has a rating and comments for on each App download page (not unlike other App Stores) I always find the user comments enlightening about bugs or features that would improve the app. In the case of Moleskine there were two comments that relate to a locked notebooks bug (I would rate the bug as severe but only if locked Notebooks is a feature you use; I don’t) and a feature request to improve on the workflow by using swipe gestures to turn notebook pages (this is a great feature request and I hope Moleskine find a way to implement this in the next version).

My favorite feature after the UX is the ability to sync with my SkyDrive or Evernote.

My feature request would be to add a collaborate feature to allow other Moleskine App users to see, edit or comment based on share permissions whether they are Windows Phone, Android or iOS.

My Take…

This is a simple, elegantly designed app that does lack some features but manages to bring their distinct brand from paper onto the screen of my phone. I have yet to purchase any apps but if this app became a pay app I might have to consider buying it.

How does this stack up against your journal / note taking app of choice?

————– Update April 2nd 2013 ————–

I just got the latest update to the Moleskine app on my Windows Phone and was wowed to see both Evernote and SkyDrive support in the settings. Clearly I will be using the latter but choice is a good thing and this is one more excellent feature in a already elegantly done App.

Moleskine clearly believes in Windows Phone as a growing market for Apps and not just Windows Phone 8 but 7.x too.

Bravo Moleskine!

Office 2013 live tiles

Tech blog The Verge broke the news today …

..That Microsoft Office will be coming to Android and iOS devices in 2013. Looks to me like they missed the big picture here…

Office 2013 live tilesIf you read the article and you are an Android or iOS user then that is good news for you.

If you are a CIO of an organization that has invested heavily in either of these platforms for your road warriors then that’s an even bigger slice of good news pie.

The question being asked by some is,

“Isn’t Microsoft shooting Surface and Windows Phone 8 in the foot doing this?”

The fact is if you are something of a Luddite and stuck on the idea of emailing attachments then yes this probably seems so to you.

The reality is that as important as proprietary, front-end devices are to Redmond, by allowing Microsoft Office to work cross-platform they are solving a huge strategic battle.

Microsoft Office will in one fell sweep unite all front end productivity devices, regardless of platform with the same Productivity Suite.

There are two strategic advantages here: –

  1. COLLABORATION – this has been the buzzword for Office and Office-like productivity suites since they went online. Now picture working from your iPad from home while another team member offshore collaborates on the same document from their Galaxy Note or Asus Transformer and yet another team member pitches in with their input from a Surface or Windows 8 laptop.
  2. BACKEND – whether you are already in the Cloud or moving that way the key phrase in the Verge article was “Office 365” and this is as much about Microsoft Office in the Cloud and the backend as it is the Office UI and frontend features.

When push comes to shove it seems to me that an organization of any scale with all its devices collaborating via Office 365 will be well served to use the included Sharepoint and Exchange / Outlook. Looking further afield is this an entry-point for Microsoft to leverage Windows Azure to these same CIOs to better serve all these Office 365 users?

Personal Android / iOS users already have some access to Skydrive via an Apps Page that has 3rd Party Apps and the Official Apps can be found here.

Apps for Skydrive

 In a nutshell, does it look like Microsoft has cut the knees out from under Google Apps? If the price is right then this may harken the end of Open Office and its kin but also see the demise of Google Apps too.

If you are an Android or iOS user will you be investing in Microsoft Office for your Phone / Tablet?