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Ms Dewey, who?!??

In 2006 Microsoft needed an edge, Google and Yahoo were serious contenders in the Search Engine wars. Microsoft’s Live Search needed something.

McCann Erickson and EVB San Francisco came up with Ms Dewey. She emulated an intelligent, interactive and of course attractive Search Engine.

The actress, Janina Gavankar portrayed the Live Search Engine which ultimately could have become an Apple Siri killer had Microsoft done more with this idea than simply left this as a Flash website to market what would ultimately be rebranded from Live Search to Bing.

Ms. Dewey as a virtual assistant, albeit in those days not mobile was clever, sharp and witty and amassed a huge following with a Facebook group pushing for her return. The site managed in some small way to rebrand Live Search and add a fun, entertaining aspect to the science of search.


Admittedly, the group admits that the push is for the actress to return as Ms. Dewey, less than for the quality of search results that Live Search provided through the Adobe Flash frontend.

In the end Siri, Apple’s new amazing, voice-controlled Personal Assistant is for once a late contender, following on the heels of Ms. Dewey.

Had someone at Microsoft foreseen the huge potential then who knows the Windows Phone 7 could be a little different:


The author of this piece can neither confirm or deny that their tongue was firmly inserted into their cheek whilst writing this Smile

Perhaps, bringing Ms Dewey back to the fold as Microsoft’s flagship search / help avatar might both on Windows Phone and Windows 8 might make for a better transition.

Wouldn’t you like Ms Dewey to help you find your way around Windows 8?