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Office 365 Error 0xc0000142

Office 365 Error 0xc0000142

Office 365 Error 0xc0000142 Just Popped Up

When an Office 365 Error pops up you stop as probably utter a few choice words. Then you ask yourself how you are going to fix it.

Today I was opening a Word document I has written a few months ago and:

  • Office opened an update dialog.
  • It completed then tried to open Word and failed.
  • Then I got a new dialog showing Error 0xc0000142

Don’t worry though. If you experience this it isn’t cause for serious concern. These error codes actually mean something and you can find what they are easily with your Search Engine of choice.

It would be nice instead of error codes and a slap on the back, Microsoft sent you to their relevant page online with Error Code, Explanation and How to Fix It. Example

Still all those tech bloggers would have less to do … including me. Satya if you are reading this, consider the above sentence a feature request.

So how do I fix this and how much do I need to prey-pay my swear jar?

Your swear jar should remain relatively empty and not just because who has change in their wallet these days?

  1. Go to the Windows Start Menu. I’m assuming you have Windows 10. If you haven’t updated this is me rolling my eyes heavenwards.
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Apps
  4. Scroll to Office 365 and click on it
  5. Select Modify
  6. Select Quick Repair. If you are running anything using bandwidth like Spotify, Netflix etc it might be worth pausing them for the duration of the repair.
  7. If Quick Repair doesn’t work then try the Online Repair which will take longer.

In my case the Quick Repair worked and after I double-clicked the Word document it opened with no Office 365 Error.

The Warptest POV

It’s worth setting your Windows Update to Receive updates for other Microsoft Products …

This should keep Office up-to-date and hopefully free from any pesky Office 365 Error or other problems.

DO: Check for updates regularly

DON’T: do this late in the day just before you are due to close up your laptop. Less of a problem for work from home but best practices remain the same.

Here’s hoping this helped you. If you have other Office 365 Error problems let me know in the comments.


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