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Google Suite Enrages Users By Changing One Feature

Google Suite Enrages Users By Changing One Feature

Google Suite Did What Now?

Google Suite managed to inspire a frustrated if not, justifiably furious reaction from one of their users. I read all about it in my Facebook feed earlier today.

After reading the source post I went to Google Suite and tested this. They were indeed correct. Google had slipped in a change to a feature that we all use almost daily with no obvious change to UI or any notification.

What was it?

Until now any open doc/sheet/slide shared by someone else with you had the Drive icon, top left.

This allowed you to Add the document to your Drive. Now though what you actually get by clicking this is Add shortcut to Drive.

The ramifications are a lot of manual work involved in adding users or wrestling with permissions with documents, presentations or spreadsheets.

Furthermore, there exists the possibility that the owner of the shared document might make some change that impacts your access to this content.

The Warptest POV

There is a relatively simple workaround:

In the document select File – > Make a copy to your Drive.

GDrive - Make a copy

Additionally, you can follow updates to GSuite on their official blog. Let’s get real though, it’s 2020 Productivity Suites should show us new features the moment we access them, not make us go checking what’s changed.

However, as Elisa Doucette correctly points out in her post (linked to earlier) Google went on to compound the negative impact of this silent feature change by providing poor support over this.

Google Suite is already fighting a big enough battle against Slack and Microsoft Teams. Their Meet / Hangouts lacks any of the collaborative or 3rd party integrations. This all feels like Google Deja Vu.

It appears that Google doesn’t understand that they are competing for market share. Office365 is cross-platform and whilst their web apps are arguably trailing, Teams and simple, honest customer service / support can make a huge difference.

Having used Office365 at home and work and Google Suite also at home and work, I would take Office365 every time. Got a question, you can ask Microsoft’s Office twitter account and get the help you need. Meanwhile, Microsoft are charging forwards rebranding Office365 as Microsoft365 last week and adding new major functionality as well.

Simply put, we want to be productive with our productivity suites. So Google, don’t make things harder. Listen to your customers.


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