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My Open Letter To Satya Nadella

My Open Letter To Satya Nadella

Satya Nadella Delivered a Memo to Microsoft Employees Last Week…

Business Insider shared the full text along with their interpretation here.

I cannot think of a universe where the CEO of a company the size of Microsoft thinks it’s a good idea to be vague about “tough sacrifices” or company direction in an internal memo just 30 days before the launch of a ground breaking, new Operating System. (Bear with me please)

This was fodder for every tweep, blogger and journo with a hate-on for Redmond.

MIcrosoft Stock - Satya Nadella

Stock chart snipped from MSN Money

Admittedly Satya Nadella is not the full-on, full throttle experience that Steve Ballmer was and his enthusiasm is a bit more dialed back but this is the time to talk about strength, project confidence and time the memo to include potentially amazing things.

Had the Space-X launch gone well there would be two Hololens units at work in Space, boldly going where no Windows10 device has gone before. (Who knows what personal computing devices they have on the ISS?)

Incredible Things…

Regardless of the setbacks of this one failed launch, Microsoft is going into Space.

Microsoft are on the cusp of their greatest OS launch (since the original launch) and whilst Satya Nadella has had to contend with the issues left from the post-Ballmer / post-Sinovsky Microsoft, Hololens is one example of what is clearly a long term devices and OS project that is going to have huge impact on the world of computing.

There are several jewels in the crown including the leaps and bound made by Redmond in becoming a primary mover and shaker in Open Source but more so by taking Office, Cortana and other Microsoft products fully cross-platform.

The Lumia Windows Phones own the bulk of the Windows Phone market share, more OEMs are buying into the platform worldwide and 2015 is shaping up to be the year that Windows Phone took over Pakistan, Russia and is the number 2 platform in the UK.

Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile are looking to deliver everything the consumers want and need out of an OS, killer features, an incredible new browser, tight hardware-OS integrations and for many, a free upgrade. We’ll know for sure in a month, yes only a month.

Azure is a strong contender in the Cloud wars and the fact that we keep reading about price drops for Azure and AWS indicates that for the consumer, this fight is a good one.

Microsoft Band is rumored to be seeing a v2 of the sleek, sporty smartwatch meanwhile there are at least 3 other smartwatches out there that support Windows Phone, with price tags all the way up to $1300.

The Surface Pro 3 and Surface 3 are receiving consistently good reviews and yes, Microsoft we haven’t stopped wishing you would make a flagship phone / phablet with the Surface design, materials and brand.

Office 2016, Office on Mac, iOS and Android .. really just rebrand it as Office Everywhere. The world’s greatest productivity suite is only getting better and is pretty much ubiquitous now.

Cortana on Android is allegedly coming next month, Android owners trust me you are going to love Cortana.

Visual Studio, TFS and Universal Apps that can be recompiled from iOS and Android… the Developers aren’t being left out and this is going to be an exciting time, figuring out how to best leverage Universal Apps. The real beneficiaries of this are going to be the Start-ups who are always cash and resource short. Universal apps will mean they no longer need to concede Windows or Windows Phone consumers to their competition which will in turn allow even greater app parity than we are already seeing.

But I don’t need to tell you any of this, you did this…


As of moments ago the following news was released online: –

The Warptest POV

Dear Satya Nadella,

My message for you is, yes there will be tough choices and yes, the troops deserve to know that, but Microsoft needs some high-octane enthusiasm too. This is not about bringing your own voice and style to the pot or distancing yourself from how Ballmer did things. This is about market confidence.

I’m equally sure that there is no easy way to cut projects and jobs but decisive and clear beats vague every time. What is incredible is the fact I’m seeing talent transfer not just technology or IP. Bravo Uber, AOL and Microsoft for apparently making this a less painful pill to swallow.

I have no doubt that on July 29th when Windows 10 launches the stock value will experience an upturn but it’s time to bolster confidence in-house and in the market too by playing up the successes and the amazing things to come. Microsoft is building incredible things, solutions that will improve the quality of our home and work life, worldwide and to steal the tagline from the TV Show, Warehouse 13 you are building a world of endless wonder with Hololens and the like.

I for one want to feel like that is coming as much as the necessary changes within the company.

Good luck and keep on doing amazing things.

Yours sincerely,

Jonathan Ross.