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Yes Microsoft Fuse Labs‘ budding Social Network has rolled new features again that show a strong grasp of the inherently social elements involved in content generation.

In previous posts I’ve addressed the forehead-slappingly obvious benefits of having an active presence on an additional network and while has been slow to grow in adoption it is worthwhile. With the new features that ROI just increased geometrically.

Here’s The News

Here’s a screen capture of the new menu bar: menu bar

The significant changes are three of the four typographic menu items / features on the top left. The Fuse Labs blog goes into some detail explaining the new features but the common thread is creating rich, engaging content with fun features:

  • From making photo collages with Collage
  • Creating your own Memes with Picotale: basically your very own Meme Generator

  • Blink is a Windows 8 / Windows Phone 8 (don’t get me started) application that allows you to create and share dynamic media shorts Cliplets. In a nutshell Blink allows you to create short films or intriguing photographs that contains an animated element in. For example hair blowing in a static photo or almost Vine-like video shorts. has a feed just for Blinks and you can see some great user samples there.

The Warptest POV is throwing down the gauntlet to the more mature Social Networks with a set of features that may exist as individual apps but as we know 3rd party Apps have different  permissions  and that ground shifts underfoot regularly.

These features are organic, integrate with offsite mobile and PC apps (in the case of Blink)

It seems that the team gets that these features are absent without cause from Facebook and should have even Google Plus asking themselves “How did we miss these?” <head desk>.

Combine this with several existing features like:

  • is Smartphone friendly (it’s built with responsive design)
  • Riffing: if you see a post and want to add similar content of your own you riff it and can create collections of similar content
  • Everything on the site is built to share. Microsoft hasn’t created a walled garden here, just the opposite with share to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Email.
  • Login is NOT restricted to Microsoft account, you can join the fun using your Facebook login.

…And I would say that the future looks bright for If you haven’t joined yet and are looking for an added advantage over your competitors then jump right in and BTW you can follow me here if you’d like.

Well played Fuse Labs Team.


\YAY/ glad you like! love this post ! thx

Thanks for dropping by and commenting Lili. I’m totally hooked. Well played to all the team!

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