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Windows 8 Upgrade. The revolution starts here: Setup

Windows 8 Upgrade. The revolution starts here: Setup

There are a couple of things you should know …

  1. The Windows 8 Pro disk is not just an Upgrade but apparently will install on an empty, suitably formatted partition of your Hard Disk.
  2. The Upgrade will offer to keep your data (files, movies, documents, photos, music etc.) and does so.
    1. However, I am a believer in being prepared so I backed up all this to my External Hard Drive the night before.
  3. NB run the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant to check PC Hardware, Driver, Device and Software compatibility: –

  1. You are going to have to reinstall your software if there aren’t Windows 8 Apps in the Store better suited to your needs (I’ll deep dive this subject in another post but the choice of Apps in the Store is impressive for a new OS).
  2. Ensure that you have license keys for any purchased software.
    1. If you use a tool like Magic JellyBean Keyfinder then store the information either on your External Hard Drive or in the Cloud.
  3. Read the report produced by the Upgrade Assistant carefully.
  4. If like with me the Upgrade Assistant produces an unspecified error and not the report then:
    1. Save the installer > Turn off your Firewall > Run it as Administrator > Once you have the report Save it > Then Turn On your Firewall again.
  1. The install is fast and requires less intervention than any other Windows setup ever. I ran the DVD on an external USB DVD drive and the speed impressed me.
  2. I bought my Upgrade disk here in Israel so the install was completely in Hebrew. Once complete I had to download the English Language Pack and set this to change the OS to English.

Windows has traditionally allowed the user during install to check and set locale and language from UI to keyboard defaults.

Even now at boot and during Windows Update the system messages remain in Hebrew and yes I consider this a bug.

My request from Microsoft Support to their Twitter account @MicrosoftHelps got them pointing me in the right direction to an article on “Changing the Keyboard Layout”. Once you get the hang of how to find things in Windows 8 you are golden.

Which led me to the familiar Region and Language Settings.

In an nutshell: Search > Language > Settings > Region > Copy Settings > Enable checkboxes

[Footnote: this post was written from my newly upgraded laptop in Windows 8 Pro with Office 2013 Word]

More to follow on Windows 8…. Next: “The most important thing to do before upgrading to Windows 8”


The problem I faced when running the Windows8 – Setup file is, I got an error message in the blue screen stating that the download task did not complete at 0%. The error displayed was “Unspecified error”. However, I fixed this issue using the steps given in

Thanks for the comment and the excellent tip.