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In other news iPhone 5 release outrages tailors everywhere

In other news iPhone 5 release outrages tailors everywhere

Trouser and fashion designers everywhere were up in arms yesterday after the new and longer iPhone 5 release. A source close to the President of the International Tailors Federation was quoted,

“We can’t keep redesigning pockets to keep up with the increase in Smartphone size and length. Pant pocket technology is lagging still at turn of the century candybar and flipper phone design. Consumers are angry with us for not keeping up with rapid changes to phone size. We’ve asked Apple, Google, Microsoft and Blackberry repeatedly to keep us in the loop but they simply won’t .. it’s very frustrating. This new iPhone 5 release is a classic example, how are pockets going to accommodate that?”

When asked consumer organizations everywhere said the pocket issue was serious and they just wished that the tailors and designers could stop getting caught with their pants down.



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