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You Have A WordPress Blog, Right?

So let me ask you, do you write all your posts to your WordPress Blog online? Maybe you write them in Office, using Word and then copy-paste them into the editor?

Well there’s a much easier way. Microsoft Word allows you to write your post and publish it directly to your blog. Maybe not…

I asked my Facebook and Twitter friends and followers and it appears that I’m the only one doing this. Some out of preference, some because they simply aren’t aware of this awesome feature in Word.

In fact, you can connect Word to pretty much all the main blogging platforms and you are good to go.

How Does It Work?

The steps here relate to Office 365, because you’re missing out if you haven’t upgraded. Let’s be honest, Office 365 has been around since 2013. What are you waiting for folks?

  1. Open Microsoft Word.
  2. You have two ways to publish to your blog:
    1. File – New – select the Blog post template for a new post.
    2. File – Share – post to a blog to publish an existing document to your blog.
  3. Assuming you have never used this feature: click on Register Now.
  4. Choose from the drop-down your blog provider. In our case this is a WordPress blog but, this feature supports all the popular providers.
  5. A dialog will open, where you add your blog URL, but keep the PHP file at the end of the URL i.e. http://<Enter your blog URL here>/xmlrpc.php
    1. Add a user name and password that has posting rights on the blog.
    2. Click the Picture options button and select the way you want to handle images on your blog.
  6. You are good to go and if you selected Remember password, then each time you choose the blog template Word will be connected to your blog.
  7. The template will load and you will see the menus in Word change to display File, Blog Post & Insert.
  8. You can setup multiple blogs, (each can be a different provider) from Blog Post – Manage Accounts – New.

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The Warptest POV

Whilst most people prefer to copy-paste this requires the removal of the excess code that gets carried across to from Word to your WordPress blog. Some others prefer to use Google Docs not Microsoft Word.

Overall the impression I got from speaking to various WordPressers is that this is not widely known. Why did I discover this? I was writing a review of Office and found this feature. Why am I only writing this now? As my incredibly smart wife is prone to remind me,

“Just because I know how to do something, doesn’t mean everybody else does. Keep sharing this stuff.”

– Thanks Missus Ross.

For the copy-paste folks out there, this is incredibly easy to setup. Once done, any time you select new blog post from Word templates you’re ready to go. Since Windows Live Writer is no longer supported, this is a great alternative and IMHO a better option.

The blog post menu in Microsoft Word has a publish button with an option to publish to drafts, allowing you to change the formatting (if you want), add images or galleries and add any SEO keywords etc.

Wordpress blog - blog post menu in Word

I give this a strong Warptest recommendation and suggest you try it for yourself. One additional tip: if you are already working in Word you can seamlessly backup every post to OneDrive.

The how-to is above, are you ready to take this for a test drive? You are already paying for Office, you might as well maximize your ROI.

WordPress Blog - Warptested

Farewell Blogger

Auf weidersehen Blogger & welcome to my all-new and improved site. The move from Blogger to WordPress and my own .COM hasn’t been without some hiccups but that is how the best of us learn, right?

image image image

Warptest as a name came to me during the last testing project I was involved in. An agile project where the testing and Dev cycles were run in sprints.

I started work testing a mobile application and was able to ramp up rapidly; this led to a realization about test planning but that’s another article I’m working on.

The sprint ran at faster than expected speed and when I was discussing it with a fellow tester I joked I was working at warpspeed.

I had been looking for a .COM and couldn’t believe that Warptest was available so I leapt on it and here we are.

The underlying principle of our testing is do it rapidly, do it efficiently and do it right!

The point is for any given test project to arrive at the bugs as fast as possible without compromising the quality of the testing.

In addition Warptest is now my main blog for other subjects I enjoy writing about e.g. tech or espresso.


If your R&D, mobile app or other Dev is reaching critical defect mass and you need someone to step up and either hands on test, guide you with tools selection or anything else test-related then contact me.

Timeslots are filling up for the next month based on sprints in the pipeline so don’t delay folks.

The “warptest-ed” stamp of approval  (as seen in the header) can be yours!

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