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Soluto Could Be To Blame …

For all the frantic stories about a drastic slowdown in PC sales so far in 2013.

FUD slow pc sales

By providing a tool for maintaining a stable and more robust PC that can boot at optimal speed, Soluto has possibly extended the usable life of many PCs that otherwise frustrated owners might have replaced. However, the slowdown may only be until Windows XP reaches end of support next year.

All grown up …

The awesomely good App for managing your PC frustrations is all grown up and going into the workplace.

Soluto‘s CEO sent an email out to registered users and no doubt this accompanied a conventional and social media blitz.

The PC management and maintenance App that makes keeping your PC speedy and stable a doddle is to quote Soluto CEO, Tomer Dvir,

“…launched our new service for IT managers in small businesses and IT service providers.

The new service includes some awesome new features such as remote access, chat, asset management and extended reports, and can really help IT pros to become more productive and provide a better service.”

For The Uninitiated…

Soluto has been through a couple of major iterations. Originally Soluto was a client application, installed on your PC that allowed you to: –

  • Reduce boot time by pausing or delaying unnecessary items that run at Startup.
  • Receive real-time notification when an application crash occurs / recurs and offer information on the problem.
  • Manage browser add-ons and remove those slowing down your browser.
  • Add applications on your PC that Soluto does not recognize to its PC Genome (By adding this information Soluto applied a neat crowdsourcing solution to creating a comprehensive knowledge-base and thus the user who adds the app pays it forward to other users also using that software).

Next big iteration Soluto went to the web and it allowed management of those features on your or 4 other PCs via the web interface and all for free. In addition Soluto added the feature of (popular) 3rd Party Software update by remote.

The Warptest POV

I have been using Soluto since the earliest version came out. The move into the business market is eminently logical. It was either that or form a strategic alliance with OEMs to deliver Soluto pre-installed on PCs or branch out into the Smartphone/Tablet markets.

Soluto is not just incredibly functional and replaces a couple of other tools that IT professionals may be using but it comes in what may be the most eye-catching and user friendly UI you have ever seen. The free consumer product seems to be among one of the best tested I have seen in a long time and in all my time using Soluto I have only twice reported issues to their Support who responded promptly.

The pricing for Soluto for up to 10 users is incredible value for money and to my knowledge they were one of the first Windows 8 Apps released so they have you covered for all currently supported PC Operating Systems.

 soluto win 8 app

If you are an SMB and want to reduce antacid consumption, swearathons and the like in your IT department then I would be seriously considering making the jump to a more efficient way of managing your work PCs.

soluto mainpage smb

Finally, if you are interested in signing up for Soluto then click here

Disclosure: hitting this link will take you to Soluto’s site but is also part of a competition they are running. Soluto will award an iPad Mini for the user with the most sign ups. So you can help yourself and help me too.

double espresso

Follow these steps and your Computer should run as if it’s mainlining Double Espresso:

 Caffeinated and happy

I know it’s cappuccino but it’s caffeine and it’s smiling. 

  • Check how much hard disk space you actually have free on your computer. You would be surprised how often we forget this one.
  • Backup all your photos, documents, music etc to either cloud storage (Google Drive/ SkyDrive/ Dropbox/ Box) or buy yourself an external hard drive and copy everything there.
  • Winning Israeli startup Soluto allows you to remove all the things slowing down PC boot and browser. Either you can go to and download and run the app yourself or if you already know someone with an account and tech savvy they can invite you and remote manage your tech issues.

Keep in mind that every day is be nice to your Tech Support Guy… they are giving you cheap if not free help. Last year as a favor to a friend I waded through their visiting father’s Windows 95 laptop when it ground to a sudden halt; he was kind enough to offer to pay and when I declined he brought round a six pack of Samuel Adams beer.

  • Uninstall programs you just don’t use. All those freeware / bloatware apps you installed a year ago and haven’t used since… terminate with extreme prejudice > Add/Remove Programs.

Note: If this is purchased / licensed software ensure you have the license and disk / installer elsewhere before removing.

  • CCleaner this is like Windows Disk Cleanup on steroids and will dispose of all the accumulated temp files on your system and in your browser cache. Open CCleaner to the cleaner tab > select / deselect the options you want > analyze will tell you how much you can delete > Run cleaner; keep in mind this will also remove all your logins to sites you use like so make a note of all your user names and passwords somewhere safe.
  • CCleaner also can clean redundant information from your registry. This is a power user activity, if you want to know more contact me.

CCleaner settings

  • Run Windows Update and install all critical updates – for ease of use have it set to download and install your updates automatically.
  • Assuming you have antivirus / antimalware run the updates then set it to run a deep scan and go do something else more interesting while it runs. If you don’t have security apps on your computer then stop what you are doing and read this post while you remedy this severe oversight.
  • Defragment your hard drive – again while running this go read a book, drink some coffee, call a friend you haven’t spoken to recently or go for a run.

    Note: Don’t overdo this. Defragging your hard drive is a once in a while activity.

  • Updating freeware programs:  there is a reason Adobe and others bring out patches and often it’s because a security issue needs fixing. You can do a lot of this easily via Soluto or you can use Filehippo‘s Update Checker.

If after all this you still find that your computer is running slowly then something may still be running in the background eating up resources or your PC is struggling due to demands beyond its available resources. It may be time to consider upgrading and it may not mean you need a new computer but perhaps a small investment in extra RAM, a better Hard Drive or even a replacement for your low bandwidth Wi-Fi card.

That just about sums it up. If you are having problems still or are a bit anxious about attempting this adventure without a guide then get in touch.

Soluto – In the Beginning:

Soluto has done it again. No longer a simple client PC application it has evolved and iterated into a sophisticated Control Panel for system management of multiple PCs.

soluto - button

Uncle Monty’s Got No Internet:

Many of us who are used to the frantic calls to resolve PC issues for friends and family were overjoyed with this remote access solution; allowing you the Power User to solve these issues from the comfort of your own chair and computer.

You may have heard it here first:

I wrote on my old blog in July 2010 about how to use Soluto hand in hand with CCleaner and FileHippo; this was the best way at the time to ensure a smooth running, stable PC.

Awhile later I indulged in predicting via Twitter that @soluto should romance either CCleaner or FIlehippo as the results would be awesome.

Soluto-logoCcleaner-logo - Solutofilehippo-logo - Soluto

Will It Blend?

Last week the guys at Soluto did one better and announced on their blog that they are incorporating a Disk Cleaner and App Installer (beginning with Skype apparently with other apps to follow).

As a freemium user you get to invite 4 other users and be their Power User / Online Support:

Soluto - grab

So we have one killer app that basically will allow you to do away with: –

  • Maintaining a stable, optimized boot and running OS
  • 3rd Party Patch Management
  • Remote Access Tools for Support
  • The uncertainty of DIY 3rd Party App Maintenance

What Next?

That’s Soluto today as a Freemium version. It doesn’t take much to imagine the Web App / Soluto Client providing support for iOS or Linux (even Mobile platforms) but the kicker is going to be seeing your Sys-admin maintain your whole IT infrastructure via Soluto with an Enterprise version. (prediction)

In a nutshell for all you LOTR fans this will likely be the One Ring to Rule Them All.