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Windows Phone 8 Is Updating…

Currently the update is only if you have a Windows Phone Developers account (as part of the new Developers Preview Program) however the contents of the release are worth noting.

The Windows Phone blog cites the three main engineering objectives of Update 3 as: –

  1. Enable incredible new Windows Phone devices.
  2. Enhance the platform with new capabilities for current users and partners.
  3. Improve overall quality.
    (Quoted verbatim from the post)

Windows Phone intends to achieve this with the following new features: –

  • Support for bigger, hi-res screens.
    • 5 or 6″ displays are mentioned with 1080p HD
    • This is going to allow room for 6 Live Tiles instead of the existing 4.
    • This means greater customization of the Start Screen (or Windows Phone’s desktop)

    Windows Phone 8 Big Screen

    A really, really big Windows Phone: courtesy of Windows Phone Blog

  • More power.
    • Support for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor; are you ready for Windows Phone on high octane?
  • Driving Mode.
    • Microsoft have decided to implement a socially responsible feature set that affects how your phone behaves when you are driving in relation to Bluetooth devices, calls and SMS.
    • If you have a Bluetooth speaker paired with your phone in your car then this can automatically trigger Driving Mode for you where you can opt to block the distraction of calls / SMS whilst driving.
  • All this and a slew of other features…

The Warptest POV

As a standalone OS update this delivers serious improvements, clearly some of which came from user feedback. However, the ramifications and intent behind this update is way more interesting.

With the announcement of a Nokia Phablet / Tablet running Windows Phone expected to occur at the October 22 Nokia World, Abu Dhabi Event the Windows Phone is evolving onwards

Windows Phone 8 - Nokia World Event

Microsoft had a choice to deliver Phablets /mini-tablets with Windows RT on or upscale Windows Phone OS.

windows phone rip windows rt

The big question I’ve touched on in previous posts is where does this leave Windows RT? ? What do you think?

microsoft surface

Surface is out there RT and Pro

Microsoft has a beautifully designed product line and right now, after going hands-on at Microsoft’s Build 2012 event, only Asus has tempted me with their Windows 8 touch enabled alternatives. In fact I defy you to go hands-on with the Surface and not be impressed by the look and feel from materials to UX.

Even so I haven’t made the leap and bought a Surface yet. If I was going to buy one of the existing alternatives it would have to be the Surface Pro and I’m a sucker for larger hard drives but I’m hesitating and not just because of budgetary concerns.

microsoft surface

What Am I Waiting For?

The truth is my 14″ Dell Laptop is still working and as important as it is to me to actively use new technology like touch enabled Windows tablets or laptops I can get a quick fix for now at the local computer stores.

The real reason though is that I (like many others) am speculating that it’s worth the wait to see newer and smaller Windows 8 Pro Tablets arrive on the scene. Even Acer whose CEO, JT Wang ripped into Microsoft last August over Windows 8 and Surface is fully onboard with smaller Windows Tablets. Earlier this month Amazon accidentally leaked an out of stock Acer Iconia W3 8.1 inch Windows Tablet.

acer iconia w3

The expectation is that a slew of 7 to 10 inch Windows Tablets are coming later this year.

What Is It Good For?

In a nutshell ask anyone with a pocket tablet like the iPad Mini or a Nexus. Which brings us to an important question, which mini Tablet would I choose?

The Warptest POV

I’m expecting (and I have no hard evidence to support this) to see amongst these a mini Surface Tablet and that would be my choice. The question though is will it be a pure Tablet or a Phablet? More important, if there is a mini Surface Phablet which flavor of Windows will it run?

Can we expect a full blown Windows 8 Pro Phab with phone functionality built in? I asked Microsoft if there was phone functionality coded into Windows 8 Pro or RT via Twitter but didn’t get an answer yet.

Perhaps the only conceivable alternative for me would be if Asus made a version of their Padphone with Windows onboard.

Asus padphone

Regardless of which of these we get to see I’m hoping the boffins at Redmond work hard to find competitive prices for these devices.

What do you think?