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Another Apple Product Launch … Yawn

March 18th will see Apple Product Launch 2016. The Verge and others are predicting the iPhone5se and the iPad3.

This post will be the litmus test for if you are a real Apple fan. Hold onto your iHats.

So the annual Apple Product Launch event is on 18/03, so what? I can count on one hand innovations made over the last five years. The ugly battery case that slipped through when they (probably) locked Jony Ive in the store closet doesn’t count. Yes, the Apple watch is a thing of beauty, but where are the glory days of Apple innovation?

Apple Product Launch - ugly battery case

Apple = Gillette = Apple

So Apple will continue on their slippery slope of Gillette Mach X marketing, more blades or in this case bigger / smaller, thicker. There will no doubt be the usual integrations into the next version of iOS paying homage to various killer apps out there (cue cries of the death of said apps across various tech blogs) but you know what, I don’t care.

I’m totally, utterly unexcited. I have no high hopes from Apple. This is the point at which the Apple fans (note: lack of the term “fanboi”. I think it’s a bit derisive of the consumer who has a personal preference.) are getting really annoyed at this post.

To all of you feeling that way, hop in a time machine. I’m sure there were similar cautionary posts to Nokia and Blackberry on forums or early blogs. Of the Apple users I know about 50% dislike 3D touch on the iPhone, Developers are driven to tooth-gnashing rages at every Xcode update that breaks their deployment environments and then we have reports of software quality and security issues. Meanwhile Tim Cook spends more time trolling and trashing the competition than innovating.

Don’t get me wrong, other than that awful battery-case, Apple design remains a delight for the most. The Mac Book Air on my desk cons me every time I use it into subconsciously thinking it has a touch screen.

At Mobile World Congress today 3 companies are dazzling others, showing that features or design can be innovative:

CAT released their latest S60 Android field-rugged, waterproof phone with FLIR thermal imaging. No fad feature, this and the phone itself will be invaluable for builders, contractor and other professionals. Not just wannabe spies.

Apple Product Launch - CAT S60

LG launched their new G5 Android smartphone. The LG site shows a variety of LG branded modular add-ons ranging from custom, wireless earphones, camera grip, 360-degree camera and more. In addition, the phone (as seen below, image clipped from the LG site) has a unique battery changing method. Seeing clips of the battery being changed at MWC reminded me of something. Let me know what you see.

Apple Product Launch - LG G5

That’s right, this is day one at MWC, three weeks before the Apple Product Launch. What else are we going to see?

Meanwhile HP has caused half the professional tech blogs to ooh and ahh at their Elite x3 super-powered Windows Phone with their spin on Continuum support. Meanwhile the other half of the tech blogosphere is having meltdowns about how dare HP defy their reports that Windows Phone is dead, no less innovating.

The Warptest POV

I’m going to disappoint you. I want an innovative Apple. I want Tim Cook to get up at the Apple Product Launch and blow my socks off with new features and designs. Concepts that will push the competition to rethink their own ideas and raise the bar.

Stagnation does not benefit the consumer. Poor software quality and Developer tools undermine the industry.

For those of you who wonder, I work with iPhones, assorted Android phones and possess an HTC 8x, Lumia 820 and 950XL Windows Phone. I have a Lenovo Yoga and Mac Book Air on my desk. I use Ubuntu at least several times a day. I’m about as exposed to cross-platform / device / OS as it gets and I hope that Apple really does something different.

Perhaps we will get radical battery redesign, beautiful looking but drop-proof, waterproof phones. The real thing that puzzles me is the limited exploration by Apple of the cloud. As Amazon, Microsoft, Rackspace and others boldly build for the cloud, what are Apple doing? iCloud is consumer storage and productivity apps. Where is the innovation to cloud development akin to Microsoft or have they ceded this race to Azure?

So is this the canary in the coal-mine, the warning sign, the tolling bell for Apple or should we prepare to be wowed? What do you think the Apple Product Launch has in store for us?

Apparently Microsoft Has A Press Conference Today At MWC

After much noise alleging that Microsoft had all but abandoned MWC, it seems the anti-Microsoft trollosphere have been simply adding to global warming. We can expect a press event from Microsoft today, Sunday 23rd February.


What can we expect from Microsoft? In my previous post I made the point that this was a huge opportunity for Microsoft to unveil their take on wearables; hopefully a Surface Watch or perhaps a competitor for Google Glass? Could we meet Windows Frames today,  Microsoft’s Augmented Reality spectacles?

Many of the tech blogs are postulating that we will see no new Windows Phone handsets launched at MWC but instead Nokia will launch its Android phone. To keep things in context Microsoft is hosting its annual in-house event BUILD in April so why release things now and have to compete with the multitude of other launches? As for a Nokia Android phone, no big deal. Nokia has Symbian, Asha and their incredible Windows Phone Lumia line, so why not add Android to the mix? Especially when Microsoft makes so much money from Android royalties.

What could we expect then?

  • Confirmation of the feature list behind Windows Phone (update) 8.1. Expectation is this is a huge update.
  • Microsoft Wearables hereto designed and built by Redmond’s top secret Skunkworks (if you don’t have this, speak to me Microsoft).
  • Cortana. This is Microsoft’s answer to Siri and other mobile AI. Cortana is expected to be part of Windows Phone 8.1 with some help from Foursquare update but is such a major addition that it demands its own mention.

Microsoft - Cortana

The Warptest POV

If Microsoft are planning on launching Cortana at MWC then my hope is that Cortana herself will give the Press Conference. What better way to demonstrate the Windows Phone AI than allow her to introduce herself.

Regarding the rumors of no new Windows Phone devices or a Microsoft exhibitor presence; it appears that the naysayers and trolls were wrong about at least one of those:

Microsoft - MWC

Whatever the announcements, breaking news or confirmations. I’ll be taking a good look at it all and you can read my take on it all here at

What do you think we’ll hear from Microsoft?

Microsoft You Know I Have Special Place In My Heart For You…

But it’s time for me to tell you something you really need to hear…

Microsoft Motivation

Tough Love

You know what awesomeness is, you know what innovation is and you even know what the consumers want…

But you need to keep up and not just keep up but accelerate and outstrip the competition.

This week is MWC (Mobile World Congress) and let’s be honest, everyone and their cousin are going to be breaking out new tech.

I hope, I really hope that you’ve been attentive and stealthy. That you spent the last year creating killer wearable tech to compete with Google Glass, assorted OEM and the expected Apple Smartwatches.

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The Warptest POV

Steve Ballmer proclaimed in his One Microsoft revamp of the company that,

“Going forward, our strategy will focus on creating a family of devices and services…”

If Microsoft is a real device oriented company (and with Surface, Xbox and Windows Phone have no doubt it is) then I can only assume that a smart market watcher at Microsoft pushed hard for a stealth Surface Wearable’s department to be created to make a product that competes now in this market.

I’ve spoken about Kinect everything integration in the past but a Microsoft wearable with New Windows UI that integrates with and supports Windows Phone or Xbox is something that needs to launch this week at MWC and not like Windows Phone arrive late to market and claw its way into the market after the fact.

Microsoft Surface Watch

So Microsoft like I said, you still have that special place in my heart but don’t disappoint me and show me, show all of us that you get the idea that…

Late innovation is no innovation at all.

Elton John and Kiki Dee via Youtuber GPITRAL0

To clarify, I don’t care if it’s a watch, glasses, a monocle or something else but get stuck in there and invade this market now, NOT in 2 years time.

Do you believe Microsoft will surprise us this week at MWC with Surface wearable tech?