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Moleskine …

For quite a few years I have kept a stock of Moleskine notebooks in different sizes as my go-to notes, sketch and idea keeper.

For someone who the generic yellow A4 legal pad doesn’t quite do it or if you enjoy the discussion it prompts when you pull out your Moleskine notebook in a meeting then this brand is for you.

The Moleskine Store

An App, yes and App…

Imagine my pleasure when I was looking through the Windows Store and discovered that there is a free Moleskine App.

I have a simple note taking App but it lacked something and I found myself simply not using it however the UX of the Moleskine app on Windows Phone manages to take the look and feel of analogue notebook and bring it into the digital domain.

 The Moleskine Windows Phone App

The app is also for iOS and Android (ICS 4.0+ on the Samsung App Store).

Perfect or Not…

The Windows Store has a rating and comments for on each App download page (not unlike other App Stores) I always find the user comments enlightening about bugs or features that would improve the app. In the case of Moleskine there were two comments that relate to a locked notebooks bug (I would rate the bug as severe but only if locked Notebooks is a feature you use; I don’t) and a feature request to improve on the workflow by using swipe gestures to turn notebook pages (this is a great feature request and I hope Moleskine find a way to implement this in the next version).

My favorite feature after the UX is the ability to sync with my SkyDrive or Evernote.

My feature request would be to add a collaborate feature to allow other Moleskine App users to see, edit or comment based on share permissions whether they are Windows Phone, Android or iOS.

My Take…

This is a simple, elegantly designed app that does lack some features but manages to bring their distinct brand from paper onto the screen of my phone. I have yet to purchase any apps but if this app became a pay app I might have to consider buying it.

How does this stack up against your journal / note taking app of choice?

————– Update April 2nd 2013 ————–

I just got the latest update to the Moleskine app on my Windows Phone and was wowed to see both Evernote and SkyDrive support in the settings. Clearly I will be using the latter but choice is a good thing and this is one more excellent feature in a already elegantly done App.

Moleskine clearly believes in Windows Phone as a growing market for Apps and not just Windows Phone 8 but 7.x too.

Bravo Moleskine!