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Microsoft Universal Apps…

… The concept of one app developed and working cross-platform: phone, tablet, desktop is something of a Holy Grail and Microsoft delivered on this promise last year.

With Microsoft Universal Apps a Windows Phone user is able to install the same app on their Windows 8 laptop / desktop.

Not all apps have released Universal App versions yet but many have.

Microsoft Universal Apps - Skype for Windows Phone

Microsoft Universal Apps - Windows 8 Store

Note the Universal App symbols for Skype and eBay in both screen captures.

Was this Just An Iteration?

When you are Agile you start to see iterations in everything but last week Microsoft released major news at the Connect (): event which made me think Redmond has a firm grasp of Agile process.


Microsoft Universal Apps - News Summary

Yes those are the faces of amazement because besides the obvious fact that Microsoft made its flagship core technology Open Source cross-platform and allowed non-commercial users to develop for free, Visual Studio just iterated into a platform you can develop apps for Android and iOS on.

In one flavor or another Visual Studio supports development for just about all the main platforms mobile, desktop and server.

The Warptest POV

If you are still singing the “Microsoft is doomed” song I suggest you go sit in the corner with your blankie and suck your thumb because that’s about as serious as anyone is going to take you now.

This is the biggest news in the development arena I can think of in recent years and in doing so Microsoft Universal Apps iterated outwards, fulfilling their potential.

Universal App no longer just means an App for all Windows devices, it may just mean an App that is truly universal. An App built across all devices and Operating Systems and developed in Visual Studio to boot. This could be the end of the Developers Grail Quest …


Microsoft Universal Apps - the holy grail

Microsoft Universal Apps - Visual Studio

The hard decision that many Start-ups have to make about which platform to develop for first seemingly just vanished in a puff of smoke.

So if this news excites you (and it should) then you can find the .NET Core 5 code here on Github that’s right, Microsoft really gets it, they are using Github for this.

So if you are a developer get excited and get cracking because the news here only scratches the surface.


The OneNote Dev Team Did Something Awesome On Many Levels…

Yesterday I saw a video on Youtube made by the OneNote Dev team which blew me away and very nearly made me indulge in an “…and you won’t believe what happened next” title for this post.

The folks who developed OneNote made a musical video called, “OneNote Mac” to celebrate the launch of the OneNote App for Mac (for free). This is a really good parody of the Les Miserables song, “One More Day”.

Did You See What I Saw?

Firstly the whole video is a really neatly produced homage not just to Les Mis but also to OneNote.

  • The video has a look and feel consistent with the OneNote brand (check the footer banners for a start).
  • Keep your eyes on the text in the footer but especially on any screen / monitor seen in the video.
  • The OneNote team look like a bunch of people loving what they do on a daily basis (and they can REALLY sing).
  • Special mention (and extra points) to the guy in the Star Trek TNG red uniform.
  • At 2 minutes 30 seconds the song reaches its crescendo and with it they totally sum up OneNote.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The video is fun, well-made but most important sells the OneNote Brand.

The Warptest POV

If I was going to write a post extolling the virtues of OneNote, I simply don’t need to now. More to the point, embedding the video says it better than I could.

Microsoft has been criticized in the past for some poor marketing or branding choices; some have criticized them for snarky potshots at their competition…

… however, the OneNote Mac video nails it and the reason it does is the passion of the Dev team shines through what must have been fun to make.

Selling your brand with or without music has more to do with showing the added value of choosing your product rather than cutting the legs out from under your competitor’s product.

I’m giving this video a must see and I’m strongly recommending that you take OneNote for a spin, whatever your device… you won’t be Les Miserables.

Apple Has A Flaw In Their Brand …

In 2006 Apple was having a fun time tweaking Microsoft’s collective nose with their “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” line of ads.

These were a brilliant series of ads comparing the young, hip, funny Justin Long as Mac versus the stodgy, starchy, clumsy be-suited, bespectacled PC.

In the video below PC get’s a virus “atchoo”:

Fast forward to 2011 and recently we have seen malware on Android and on Apple products.

The most recent of these attacking iOS has been MAC Defender / MAC Guard. I don’t need to write about what the malware does. This has been covered excellently on ZDNet here and here.

I spoke to a bunch of MAC users who were remarkably unconcerned,

“Malware? Viruses.. those are PC issues.”

In an earlier piece on Smartphone security I maintained something I’m going to reiterate here: unsecured devices (mobile, desktop or otherwise) are easy points of access for malware to compromise data in the cloud and spread to other users.

In addition, for Apple to provide a solution based on a signature file that is bypassed by the malware writers immediately after each file is released reeks of arrogance and a lack of concern for their customers or their data safety. Microsoft didn’t have an in-house solution for anti-malware. As a result they went out, found a company who made a robust Windows solution and bought them, folding it into the services they offer.

Apple’s behavior in this shows they still perceive themselves and their user demographic as in the same place as in their 2006 “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC.” ad above.

It’s the equivalent of the sex education teacher at the end of class giving out condoms they know are out of date.

What it really comes down to is a “wake up and smell the coffee” moment for Apple. If Apple has become the leader in personal and mobile computing then it stands to reason they are going to become increasingly the focus of malware. De facto, they have become a victim of their own successes. The next step for Apple is to realize they need to address this situation by offering their own robust security solution or recommending those of 3rd parties for example Panda Security who do offer a MAC solution:


The other aspect of this is, if my earlier assertion about security for cloud stored content in correct then what security solutions should we be relying on for that?

It’s 2011, is your MAC / PC / Linux computer secure?