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All posts tagged Google Bookmarks … is relevant to us why? In the beginning, this blog was created on Google’s Blogger platform so logically I decided when the link shortener came out to use it when publishing links to my new posts via Twitter / Facebook / Buzz etc.

Besides intuitive logic there are several good reasons for this: –

  1. Blog on blogger – keep it in the family: one assumes Google services play well together.
  2. has analytics built in from .. Google analytics, as do Blogger blogs. - UI

Anatomy of a shortened URL: Anatomy 1 - metrics

  • Each URL shortened has a graph, timeline options and a QR Code (the funny bar code thingy – you Nokia cam-phone users recognize it don’t you?)
  • In addition the analytics are broken down into referrers, location, browsers and platforms.

All in all .. neat.

Google Social Bookmarks stood out in a fast and dirty comparison I did this week whilst testing some of the major Social Bookmarking sites. That’s a post for another time. Again the logic of using Google is similar, one of the more controversial features is the geo-location of websites on a map should the user desire. Right now I seem to have found a bug in this but before I confirm it I am doing some more testing and asked the website in question for some information. - Google Bookmarks

I like the idea of having a map that shows the location of the company address by each URL I bookmark but it does seem a little invasive. Google Places is an opt in service that even requires the site owner to receive a pin number from Google and add it to confirm their Places entry but here geo-location is set by which ever person decides to share that URL with their friends.

If service is the peanuts it occurred to me then their Social Bookmarking service could be the chocolate: if only to daisy chain together the URL shortening option with Analytics together with my Shared Bookmarks. All allowing me to see statistics on who and from where uses the links I share, auto-tagging options based on site meta-tags / content and finally, a scoring system perhaps with dare I say it badges based on a factor of each URL’s pagerank in your Bookmarks.

What would I want as the cherry on top? You can just about make out the icons of the associated services in the top right of the screengrab above (Mail, Twitter, Facebook, Buzz) well how about Locational Services that show real time checkins for each URL’s location or statistics over time utilising services like Foursquare, GoWalla et cetera. Is there added value to this kind of information for a Bookmark? If you figure that each Bookmark represents a website and a physical location then at least in the world of retail having Real World visits to compare to website visits has value.