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Knowledge is Power, or is it?

Early in my career, I learnt a crucial lesson that knowledge is not power. Watching all the greedy information hoarders, holding onto crumbs of information for their own benefit. It struck me as incredibly weak.

Those of you lucky (lol) enough to have read my resume have seen that I have led a diverse career in terms of the types of employers I have had; start-ups, software houses, factories, public sector and big business.

As I passed thru my 20’s into my 30’s and rose up the ladder from QA Engineer to Team Leader and Manager I noticed that no matter the scale of a company or its background if the corporate philosophy was unhealthy in other ways then the concept of knowledge is power (in it’s classical or negative sense) was prevalent.

shared knowledge is power

Early on I realized that this paradigm is a precursor to failure at many levels unless you shift the paradigm to shared knowledge is power (or empowering).

Whilst magicians do not explain their tricks I have always believed that if you know something valuable perhaps how to do something then passing the information on to your team or anyone else shows you as an investor in others, empowers you and empowers those who you share with.

It doesn’t detract from the value of your innovation or source knowledge now that others know what you know as they may add to this or even reciprocate. Furthermore, demonstrating a depth of knowledge or a skill in mentoring others ultimately defines you in a positive light.

SHaring - knowledge is power

During several social networking events (particularly) my skill cloud was noticed on my business card and compliments paid for originality. Beyond the ego boost (yes that too, feeling good is a reward unto itself no?) several people did ask me how I did it and I was happy to explain the process and even sketch out notes.

The Warptest POV

Do I fear seeing emulations of my card? No not in the least. Firstly this was only a customization of an existing tool and secondly if others copy it then I was doing something right.

My real question for myself is what skill or knowledge do I want to acquire next?

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