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Office 365 Delve Is Vital For Facebook Workers…

Office 365 Delve (formerly known as Project Oslo) is a center-piece for Office 365 in the workplace. This service is built atop the Office Graph. Office Graph provides actionable intelligence on workers connections, the shared meetings, mails and documents. The content discovery is presented through Delve. If you have Office 365 in the workplace then you should have Delve.

Facebook wants Office 365 and specifically Delve, and today they announced they are getting it.

All apps - Office 365 Delve

Why Does Facebook Need Office 365?

According to Tim Campos, CIO of Facebook the decision to make this leap is multi-faceted: –

  • Facebook works 100% online.
  • Facebook has multiple offices in multiple locations worldwide. Employees need the ability to collaborate in real-time on shared projects.
  • Facebook facilitates cross-platform for employees to maximize effectiveness.
  • several other reasons

Office 365 delivers all this and more. However, Office 365 Delve delivers actionable insights into how and with whom Facebook employees are collaborating.

Delve and behind it the Office Graph, deliver “personal analytics” but also a powerful social network for the workplace.

Facebook - Office 365 DelveWhilst Facebook clearly needs a productivity / collaboration solution the choice and focus on Office 365 Delve as a crucial service leaves major questions.

What are the ramifications for Facebook At Work? Facebook has invested in building version of their social network with a separate work login and a closed ecosystem for your company, using Facebook and its associated tools.

office 365 Delve - Facebook for WorkFurthermore, Facebook has both iOS and Android apps in each store to support this. Are there no Facebook Insights or Facebook Graph API adding the same kind of intelligence and personal analytics that Office 365 Delve does?

The Warptest POV

Facebook has made progress with Facebook At Work and it is in use in-house (allegedly this is how Mark Zuckerberg makes company-wide announcements). This is not the mature, versatile ecosystem that Office 365 is.

I’ve used the phrase force multiplier recently but none deliver this as much as Office 365 Delve. Facebook have wisely chosen to bet on mature, evolving applications that are only improving and adding more apps and versatility as time goes on. In past posts, I’ve shared an alternate vision for Google+ that would have taken it into the productivity sphere for companies instead of where it is today.

It will be interesting to see how Facebook integrate with Office 365. Perhaps this is the future for Facebook at Work.

Now throw into the mix that Microsoft is firmly embedded in Facebook and owns LinkedIn. Food for thought.

What do you think?

Google+ Is A Testament To Collective Mindlessness …

…the collective mindlessness that if everyone else is “doing” a social network then we should too.

Google+ - Don't be sith

Add this to Google’s Sith-like ability to force the coupling with YouTube comments and a case study in giving the finger once again to Windows Phone users by having no Google+ app and ceding this demographic to their competition and you end up with what?

Google+ - tumbleweed

Google+ Is Deintegrating From Other Google Services

This is the post from Bradley Horowitz, VP of Streams, Photos, and Sharing explaining the conscious uncoupling of Google+ from other services such as YouTube comments, Photo App and more.

Google+ - conscious decoupling announcement

Don’t get me wrong there is a lot to like about Google+ in terms of UX and features but a social network built atop a draconian attitude is a recipe for disaster.

Does Google need their own Social Network? Google indexes content. Bringing content sharing and commenting into a Google platform? Headslappingly obvious.

Can it be fixed by these steps of deintegration? Doubtful, perhaps Google+ will be reinvented the way Google Wave and other services were.

The thing is between Google+ and the hibernating Google Glass, Google needs a win. Especially whilst Microsoft are doing everything to dominate the productivity app sphere with Office 365 evolving into Office Everywhere.

The Warptest POV

It’s harsh and not entirely accurate to call Google+ a ghost town but equally it can’t seem to compete with Twitter or Facebook. Can it be saved or fixed? The best hope for Google+ is to look at the features it has and what it should be integrated with; were Google to pivot from a Social Network and integrate with Google Apps transforming Google+ into a Social / Work Productivity Dashboard where users could collaborate on documents in Apps and on their Google Drive in using Google+ comments, allowing Hangouts to see a document in review and allow real-time group collaboration then Google+ might evolve into something valuable.. a shared workspace. Frankly, I’m befuddled why Google+ wasn’t part of Google Apps for Business this way from the get go.

Microsoft are already ahead of the game with Delve (formerly Project OSLO) built on their social graph. Can Google+ catch up if they make this change?

I’m not sure, but I’ll be posting this to my Google+ page. Will you respond there?


Microsoft Office 365 Your Way…

…If Redmond aren’t using this slogan then they should be. Over the past months Microsoft Office has delivered some radical changes and improvements in applications, add-ons and the underlying business model.

The shift from search to intelligent discovery in Office 365 was achieved with Project OSLO, now Office Delve built with the Office Graph.

Office 365 - Delve intelligent discovery

Image thanks to Office blogs

You Won’t Believe What Office Did Next…

Over the last week we were bombarded with news from Office but before this the biggest news recently was that Office 365 Subscribers get unlimited, yes UNLIMITED storage on OneDrive from first release 2015. The ramifications of this are huge especially with OneDrive now differentiating between personal and business files.

Office 365 - unlimited One Drive storage

Image thanks to Office blogs

It’s a Rollercoaster…

First Microsoft announced at TechEd the availability of Office 365 APIs (for mail, files, contacts and calendar) and Mobile SDKs for Android and iOS. Combined with the ability of Developers to deploy their Office apps to the Office App launcher we were now arriving at Your Office 365 Your Way.

Office 365 - App Launcher

Image thanks to Office blogs

This week Microsoft announced a strategic agreement with Dropbox to allow full Office integration across phones, tablets and web. Windows Phone users were doing the happy dance at the announcement that this would finally involve a Dropbox app for Windows Phone, something noticeably MIA.

Office 365 - Dropbox integration

Then Microsoft announced a new version of Outlook for Mac available to Office 365 subscribers…

Today just when we thought it couldn’t get any better Microsoft decided to knock our figurative socks off by announcing that Office for Mobile on iOS and Android will be free, yes absolutely, utterly, totally FREE.

Office 365 - Office for Mobile is FREE

The question is what could the Microsoft Office 365 team do to top this next?

The Warptest POV

Returning readers know that a recurring theme about Microsoft is the ecosystem philosophy. Warptest believes that underneath all the good decisions at Microsoft is a business and technology idea that nothing stands alone and everything belongs to a greater ecosystem. How is this expressed here?

Office 365 - How it ties together - ecosystem

Will Delve work with Dropbox too? That would be incredible but the whole picture represents Office 365 as a comprehensive, customizable collaboration and productivity solution.

The end game is clearly Office Everywhere and all your documents connected thru Microsoft technologies.

We are hearing that the Windows 10 version of Office will be much more touch oriented but if I were asked what Microsoft could do to deliver a KO punch to their competition my answer would be…

Cortana fully integrated into all your Office tools and storage. Not just search, discovery or retrieval of documents on demand and certainly not as a glorified Clippy but leveraging all the power of Cortana’s predictive and speech recognition abilities to take Office beyond touch.

Offcie 365 - Next Cortana for Office?

I guess we will have to wait and see. One thing is for sure, my hat is off to the Office team who demonstrate the definitions of “productivity” and “game-changer”.


Microsoft is Upping Their Game… 

… For those who watch closely, something new is happening with Microsoft vis a vis strategy. 

Microsoft is delivering tailored solutions to specific verticals building on products these customers had already invested in. 

Office365 Is The Medium, What’s The Message?

Over the last couple of months we have seen Microsoft get serious about Office.

  • Educators have received Office Mix and LiveTiles Mosaic. Office Mix is an add-on for PowerPoint in the classroom that simply put is a force multiplier for educators. LiveTiles Mosaic is an app built onto Office365 allowing real-time, rich and interactive content through the cloud and in the classroom.
  • Lawyers have received Matter Center (beta) a document control solution for lawyers built onto Office365.

In a nutshell Office365 is not just a generic, out-of-the-box solution that fits all verticals.

What we are seeing here is the evolution of an ecosystem and Productivity as a Service.

Microsoft Office 365 Ecosystem

The Warptest POV

As you can see from the graphic above the Office ecosystem isn’t just about delivering tailored solutions to verticals; it’s also about customizing your own solutions and add-on apps. The improved Office Developers website and Office App Store give you access to the Office API and existing add-on apps too.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

With Office offering comprehensive cross-device compatibility in mobile, users can be productive on the go and are only dependent on WiFi or their cellular data.

With Codename OSLO being renamed as Delve and being launched for Office365 users, Microsoft has created a Social NetWORK and redefined how to best work with Office. None of this even touches on OneDrive, Exchange or Sharepoint improvements or real-time work collaboration through Yammer.

I predict we are going to see further verticals receive this kind of attention from Microsoft, maximizing their investment in Office.

If I wasn’t already giving Office a strong recommend, I would be now. Whether you want free Office in the web for personal use, one license of Office 2013 or Office365 in the workplace, two things are sure:

Office is only going to increase your productivity!

Microsoft’s competition better wake up and smell the coffee, they have a lot of catching up to do!