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ARC Welder Is Google’s New Emulator…

… and it runs from Chrome on the Mac, Linux, Chromebook or PC. After Installing the Chrome App Launcher you are then going to need to install the ARC Welder (Android Runtime for Chrome; the only prerequisite is you have Chrome browser v41 or higher.

ARC Welder - Chrome App Launcher

ARC Welder - install app from play store

After that all you need to do is click on the App Launcher > click on the ARC Welder icon > select the APK of the app you wish to use and away you go.

ARC Welder - setup

The user can configure ARC Welder based on orientation, form factor and several other variables:

ARC Welder - configure

The Warptest POV

ARC Welder is a great testing tool for a first look at an app. It is limited to one APK (App) and is no substitute for either a true emulator or installing on a phone or tablet.

It was able to use the laptop webcam for some apps (e.g. Instagram) but not for some others. So let the buyer beware, you may experience bugs with your app.

For testers who have limited access to devices, are interested in UI testing or who write test cases without spec this is a great tool for getting a look at what may be an incomplete app.

One more use case is for when you want to demo your app easily to a big screen or projector, you can do it from ARC Welder.

I’m currently looking at ways to use this in concert with Automated Testing tools that run in Chrome.

Google managed to release this for just about every major OS that Chrome is available on. I’m sure other Devs and Testers out there would love a similar tool from Apple that runs in Safari on Mac or PC but I’m not holding my breath.

If you can think of other good use cases for ARC Welder I would love to know them.