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Microsoft Is Pounding Out New Stuff And Bing Is No Exception

Just before the weekend Bing released a beta of their new Knowledge Widget, an add-on for websites and blogs that when added will display indexed, relevant keywords and display results in a sidebar.

Big bing logo

The widget is Javascript, configurable and once the webmaster chooses the style and layout, the code can be added to the post / site.

The user can click on an underlined keyword or click on the sidebar to see images related to those keywords. Hitting the keyword opens the Knowledge Widget and displays Bing results of relevance to the keyword(s).

At the same time Bing has released App Linking to ensure that discovery of your site and content includes ranking for your app. This feature can be implemented to deep link from content within your website to targets within the app.

How To Add It?

Bing posted a full how-to article including configurable Javascript to copy and add to your content.

Follow the link on the page to select the settings you want on the page, modify the Javascript accordingly and the page also includes deeper explanation of manual configuration options like CSS.

Bing Knowledge Widget Javascript Default




…Here is the default javascript.

I recommend reading through and customizing this to suit your own page layout.

Bing Knowledge Widget Config

The Warptest POV

As I mentioned in an earlier article, the new format of Bing’s results leverages discovery of valuable, relevant content… not just a list of blue links.

Here is a series of screen-grabs from my previous post after I added the widget:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Bing Knowledge Widget is a lightweight add-on for your blog that has the added value of keeping your visitors onsite but at the same time allowing them to discover external content that relates to your post(s). Bing have made sure that it’s easy to configure and setup on your website. The UI is compliant with Bing and the features are easy to use. So far results I’ve looked at are relevant and I’ve seen no false positives.

In a nutshell, I’m giving Bing a big Warptest thumbs-up for their new Knowledge Widget and even though it is in beta I recommend testing it out.

So, let me know when you have added the Knowledge Widget to your blog or website and I’ll check it out.

Job Hunting Can Require Some Creative Thinking…

… If you decide to forego the shotgun approach of blindly applying for jobs then a targeted approach may need actionable intelligence.

targetted job hunting - crosshairs

You’ve decided what fields / job positions / titles you are searching for and you have defined the geographical catchment area probably based on just how much you are able or willing to commute but some companies decide to make it difficult for you and conceal their address on the job application or even on their website.

What do you do?

Many of us try the following checklist: –

job hunting - checklist address search

This approach is laborious and since most of the searchable information is garnered from the company itself, if they have opted to leave their local address off the website you will probably strike out.

At this point do you apply anyway or just keep job hunting? Has this compromised your targeted approach?

The Warptest POV

Recently I was contacted by a friend with a list of several companies like this and asked if I had any idea how to find their location.

I started suggesting similar steps listed above but then the word “location” gave me an idea… Foursquare

As Foursquare is possibly the largest locational database of retail and commercial locations it’s reasonable to try searching here first when job hunting:

Foursquare - job hunting

After testing this I confirmed that the popularity and gamification behind Foursquare encouraged company employees to check-in at each of these companies. Getting the addresses via Foursquare was a piece of cake.

So if you are searching for company addresses whilst job hunting then Foursquare should be your first stop.

Disclaimer: companies have many different reasons for opting out of posting their address online. Act responsibly and respect that. Use the information you discover but you don’t need to spread it far and wide.

Good (job) hunting!

Bing Announced A New Logo Today…

… Amongst other things. The logo is part of an overall evolution of the brand. You can read what Microsoft had to say about the logo redesign here.

Ubiquitous… Almost

… Bing like many other Microsoft products catches a lot of flak and I’m going to say it. It’s unjust and mostly the usual Microsoft trolls. Bing right now is the go-to search / discovery enabler for Yahoo and Siri. Yes that’s right, pick your jaw up from the ground, Siri has made Bing its default search engine.

Understandably with Microsoft’s investment in Facebook there was a strong connection between Bing and Facebook also.

You Are Missing The Point

Bing has never been about being just a search engine. It is an enabling technology for discovery. Search provides results but discovery
delivers relevant and useful content.

Bing is an organic part of Windows Phone including voice and visual translation; has Apps for iOS and Android , Bing is used in Windows 8 / Windows Phone Apps and in a variety of Apps for Bing Maps: –

In addition the Bing API allows developers to build their own solutions integrating the service. The service is transitioning to the Windows Azure Marketplace.

Those who believe the announcement today is simply a new look and logo are very much mistaken.

The Warptest POV

It’s plain if you take the time to look that Bing is going to deliver contextually relevant, useful and usable content off the web. A lot of thought has gone into how to deliver this content in an incredible UX.

One of the examples given in the official Bing blog post is results about people. Bing already incorporated Social content (access to the person’s Facebook or Twitter feed and Klout score) but now the content delivered is a holistic/aggregated profile and not just a series of links with images/videos slapped in a sidebar.

The New Bing People Search via Bing blog.

Bing promises more evolution with news of development of a cross-device AI/Avatar named for HALO AI, Cortana according to Mary Jo Foley on ZDNet this week.

If this is true then firstly I am glad someone at Microsoft reads my blog.

I discussed this concept in October 2011 “An Ode to Ms Dewey…” where I suggest Ms Dewey (a marketing simulation for Live Search) become a Search enabled Personal Assistant App.

Whether we get to see Cortana soon or not, the new evolution of Bing delivers on an incredible search/discovery experience.

Will you be taking it for a spin?

My Windows Phone 8…

It arrived a bit over a week ago. I’d upgraded from my HTC Titan Windows Phone 7 to the HTC 8x Windows Phone 8. Why?

  • The price was right. I had promised myself when the price dropped below £200 it would be mine.
  • It was time to take a long hard look at the differences between 7 and 8.
  • I had opened a Windows Phone Developers Account and I wanted to see how easy/hard it was to build Apps for both.
  • Relevance.

That said, I knew that the moment the phone arrived HTC would announce a new phone and lo and behold the rumors broke that they are.

One Week In…

The upgrade and migration has to be one of the easiest things I’ve ever done. probably easier than upgrading a PC. Thanks to @MicrosoftHelps on Twitter for all advice and assistance.

I can honestly say that HTC got a lot right with the 8x. The lines of the phone, the Gorilla Glass screen with the raised edges and the curvature of the back make for a phone that sits well in your hand.

The battery life is somewhat better than the Titan, even with GPS / Glonass activating for a variety of location enabled apps I installed.

The screen is a crisp, colorful joy to use and the phone itself is incredibly responsive.

Windows Phone 8 OS works well and the added bells and whistles make for a richer experience, including the functional lockscreen and incredible sound.

What didn’t I like?

I have hands that are possibly not those that smartphone touchscreen designers had in mind. My fingers are broad and I definitely do not have fingertips one could describe as slender.

I’ve tried touch on iPhones, Symbians, Androids and Windows Phones and one of the reasons the Titan worked for me was that its screen was marginally bigger so my fingers had more space.

With the HTC 8X the screen is 4.3″ and I am relearning how to use a touchscreen to type.

The raised screen with curved edges is beautiful but there is a niggling concern that you need to be a bit more careful with how you treat the phone.

Accessories: I made the mistake of assuming that if I could buy a phone from Cellular companies here I could purchase a good case and or screen protector. The Cellular companies have made zero effort to have any accessories for the phone and are totally unapologetic. I went on Amazon and ordered the best case I could find.


At the end of the day Smartphones live or die based