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Ah yes, Microsoft Outlook. With all that processing and management muscle one might think you could run a small country with it. Let me ask you though, do you use Tasks?

Do you allocate them to yourself via Outlook, do you use them to allocate work to your team members at work or to send a shopping list to your significant other? Tasks are great and you can Categorize them and Deadline them. Some of us tend just to use the Calendar appointments though.

Now think a minute, how many of you use Microsoft Project? Do you get misty eyed at thought of intricate project planning and Gantt charts. I use Project because I have to at work; we all do. Ask yourself this though in all of the Microsoft Live revolution involving collaboration why is Project the most high maintenance?

Once you have invested hours on balancing the Gantt and distributing the workload and time per task, resource allocation etc you save your MPP file and ….. then what?

You discover that your organization never invested in Project Server so the collaborative options, the true beauty and strength of Project are disabled and you perform an act straight out of the 1990’s you email the whole MPP file to every person who has a task and your boss. The Exchange Mail server groans under the collective weight of multiple attachments ricochetting back and forth with each miniscule change by each addressee … hyperlinked, server based documentation anyone?

Somewhere between needing a full-blown Project Server and attaching that MPP file Outlook needs a scalable, Enterprise/ Business version that allows Outlook Tasks to be part of the Gantt tree structure and link one task to another.

Shared View is this scalable Live product to Sharepoint server, so when can we expect to see the Project product team join the 21st century and leverage a scalble solution using Outlook/ Exchange as their Client – Application/ Web Server architecture?

Last post I raved about the winning features, design and functionality of Microsoft Shared View. Now don’t get me wrong it’s amazing, I’m still using it and my on-the-PC version of Office 2003 in concert.

However, since then I logged into my scarcely used account on Buzzword, now and remembered why I liked it and why I didn’t.

Buzzword is Adobe’s online Word Processor and so much more. When I was in the throes of job hunting I imported a copy of my resume and discovered that at that time there was no save as PDF option; now resolved – you can just about save to every major format including PDF. Furthermore, the GUI and interface is nothing short of gorgeous; in a beveled black. Adobe have gone to lengths to ensure that the Macromedia acquisition is not for nothing so of course there are implementations of Flash technology there.

For the font junkies out there a plethora of non-Office fonts are just waiting to be tried but, I have not checked if they are True type or not yet.

The user may share documents and create online meetings to discuss these much akin to the Shared View paradigm.

This is competes nicely with Office/ Shared View and Google Apps but, my resume was laboriously slow in loading and why does insist on loading a Microsoft Scripting Component to work?

So, will I be using this beautifully designed, elegant offering from Adobe? Yes, but if you are reading this at Adobe, remember the P-word … performance!