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Barbie Boldly Goes For Star Trek 50th Birthday

Barbie Boldly Goes For Star Trek 50th Birthday

Barbie Are Celebrating The 50th Birthday of Star Trek…

… by boldly going where no Barbie has gone before. You can check out and purchase (should you desire) the special Lt. Uhura, Spock and Kirk dolls from here.

Barbie - Star Trek

As you can see from the screengrab Bones, Scotty, Sulu & Chekov are sadly missing but there are other pop culture collections too. Of course none have the cachet of TOS.

Warning: do not surf to the above page with children lurking around your computer screen 😉

Lt Uhura. So What?

Whilst many will either see this as just another merchandising venture, for Star Trek to reach 50 years and still be rebooting movies, spinning off new TV series and more is an incredible testament to what Gene Roddenberry created.


All this aside, Lt Uhura and the show as a whole, broke social and futurist ground 50 years ago with a female Communications Officer aboard the USS Enterprise. Lt Uhura was basically the mother of the bluetooth headset and smashed racial barriers on primetime TV with her and Captain Kirk’s onscreen kiss.

Barbie - Star Trek - Lt Uhura

The Warptest POV

All the lead characters of Star Trek TOS and subsequent shows have had a huge impact on individuals and how we conceptualize tech and innovate. Flip phones, space exploration and more owe a huge hat-tip to Star Trek and no doubt this will continue to be so.

Should you consider all the Star Trek 50 years collectibles an investment? I’m not sure but if you do buy all these from Barbie, make sure you hide them away in pristine, boxed condition from your kids.

Live long and prosper.


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