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Windows Phone Is Evolving, Not Dead. Sorry.

Windows Phone Is Evolving, Not Dead. Sorry.

Windows Phone. Reports of its demise …

… regardless of “Windows Phone is Dead” trollgasms, the only thing that seems to be dead is the concept of solid journalism.

The Road So Far…

A couple of weeks ago rumors of Microsoft rebranding Lumia came out. Long overdue but still just a rumor. The association between the Lumia brand, the Nokia acquisition and its negative consequences for Microsoft should have made this a top priority months ago.

The origin for all this seems to have been the rumored launch of the Lumia 650 and it allegedly being the last Lumia phone. It seems the sloth-like, the indolent and those who simply didn’t care read the headline and couldn’t be arsed to look any further.

Last week Windows Central reported the revenue numbers for Windows Phone as part of a post on Viewing Windows Phone in its Proper Context again we saw a slew of posts proclaiming the death of Windows Phone.

Windows Phone - Dead Not

One of the “favorites” doing the rounds is Forbes post on Ruthless Microsoft’s Smart Decision To Kill Windows Phone. If you can find a link to any announcement from Microsoft in this post, if you can find one verifiable fact then I’d love to see it. This is a speculation post based on unconfirmed rumors spun out of more rumors. Not even a “We reached out to Microsoft for a comment…”

Other rumors being ignored by many of these gleeful posts (but not all) are that this is not just rebranding but that Redmond’s Windows Phone will be rebuilt as a Surface Phone. During this interview the hints were there to be heard from Chris Capossela, Microsoft CMO.

Akin to Mark Twain, Kenny from South Park or Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, Windows Phone is frequently reported dead when it simply isn’t so. Why is that?

The Warptest POV

Windows Phone has died more deaths than even Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow and yet each time it bounces back from its reported demise.


Windows Phone - Awesome 950XL

Nutshell, these are incredibly well made phones, with a kick-ass OS and as I’ve stated repeatedly, with Universal Apps the world is their oyster. Microsoft clearly has a mobile strategy and it being multi-pronged doesn’t exclude Windows Phone. The first steps to the next evolution of Windows Phone are already there in Windows 10 Phones like the 950 or 950XL with Continuum, Hello and other features, if you actually look.

Imagine a market where these phones and features were never designed less realized, because the market listened to the trolls. This is a market that lost stimulus to innovate and compete. Why would you encourage that?

Be assured, Windows Phone may not be a Lumia, it may be a hybrid device made to be a phone but also to run 32 Bit apps (unconfirmed rumor) and it may be designed to emulate the Surface design but there will be a reimagined Windows Phone later this year.

If Microsoft designs, builds and markets this device right, it will be a device that does things no other device can do.

So my advice is don’t dismiss Windows Phone, it’s a name for a class of devices. Dismiss the trolls and go see for yourself. Most people who go hands on for the first time are simply impressed.

Microsoft, time to bring you’re A game.


Windows phone is dead, it’s not evolving, it’s in a free fall regression from a modest peak.
Without a much better than the two dominant platforms, it’s a dead end for Microsoft, and while some like the platform very much, an objective analysis will find it’s way behind iOS or android.

Hi Alex, what are you basing this on? Production figures of handsets versus number of handsets sold?

Number of OEMs opting into the platform with devices about to arrive on the market? Or just the foundless rantings of some pop tech blogs who didn’t do their research?

Sorry but other than market share which Nadella addressed over New Year I’m not seeing any regression and yes, those figures are a function of new device shortages which seems to have been resolved to answer increased, yes increased demand.

It isn’t great but there’s what to look forward to.

Windows is over, Bing will never turn a profit (they should just give up), Xbox will NEVER be able to compete with PlayStation, Surface was dead too. The success of all these products parlayed one thing that we should teach all children. Persistence in the face of adversity. I look forward to my next Windows phone, and as Apple people used to say, the market share (at this moment anyway) doesn’t matter. Someday it should matter, I’m just glad MS is persisting. My ecosystem is Windows and this phone goes great with my ecosystem. An ecosystem of 200 million is a healthy one, and Win10 Mobile has only existed for a couple of months for gods sake. I’m glad pundits have given up, that will just make it more fun when it comes back.

Ok man, I actually should be seeing Satya Nadella at an event later this month. I’ll pass this on. That said, pretty black and white way of looking at things no? 200 million devices seem to disagree with you over Windows and Microsoft’s overall value.. well I guess they are playing the long game. Hang in there.


Haha, I love this post! It’s spot on.

How many times do we have to hear “OMG! WINDOWS PHONE IS DEAD!!!” Only to turn around the same day or week and hear about some awesome new thing that’s coming to the platform?

Just this week: Continuum improvements! Notifications improvements! Action Center improvements! Updates every couple of hours, it feels, to the multitude of core apps like Outlook Mail! And yes, more and more Windows 10 universal apps from third parties, even if it’s slower than fans would like.

The reality is as you said– the only thing dying is good journalism, but I do feel the tide could start to turn. 270M users now running Windows 10 on some device, and the absolute BEST developer toolkits on the planet that can target EVERY platform simultaneously… available FREE and tons of it now open sourced!

If that doesn’t get developer interest ramped up, well, then we can talk about things dying, but user uptake, business uptake, developer uptake are all UP for Windows 10, and features for W10 Mobile are continuing to improve, so I just don’t see the death happening anytime soon.

Hey, thanks for the brilliant comment. I agree 100% with everything. Working on a post to sum up Build now and a second post to mention my thoughts on the future for Windows Mobile.

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