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Glide for Windows Phone. It’s Smoking Hot

Glide for Windows Phone. It’s Smoking Hot

Glide for Windows Phone. That’s Right Folks…

With Glide for Windows Phone, they are a full blown cross-platform app. The app just went live on the Windows Store for you fellow Windows Phone users to download and enjoy here.
Allegedly the app runs in Windows Phone 8 & 10. I’ve tested it on Windows Phone 10 on and off over the last week and half.

This adds to their Android, iOS, Apple Watch and newly released Android Wear (smart watch) versions of the app.

What’s It All About?

Glide is an app, excuse me THE app for live video messaging. One to one or one to many from your smartphone. The UI is simple, elegantly designed and easy to use.

Once you have messaged one or many people your video, you can also  forward or share it. On Windows Phone the share is based on the available installed apps. Whilst Facebook is able to embed the video shared, Twitter simply posts a link (hopefully as Twitter video iterates we’ll see video embeds from apps like Glide).

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In a nutshell Glide on Windows Phone makes it a snap to video message.

The Warptest POV

The app itself is a delight to use and clearly I’m going to have to testdrive it on Android or iOS to see if there are feature pars but Glide on Windows Phone delivers another incredibly popular killer app to Windows Phone users.

Glide as a company has a reputation for being one of those amazing places to work and an indication of their forward thinking can be seen on their YouTube channel. Great videos aside by Sarah Snow (Glide’s Community Manager), there are a number of videos done by her with ASL. Many would say, “Sign language in video.. obvious” but my hat is firmly tipped to a Startup that treats accessibility as a primary feature / part of building their community. I didn’t think this was obvious and other Startups pay heed and other Startups like ZCast are realizing the accessibility opportunities they can offer (in their case pod or Zcasting for sight impaired).

A couple of ideas / questions occurred during warptesting:

  1. You can video to yourself, there’s a cheat / workaround. See if you can figure it out (I got help with this one, you know who you are).
  2. If your blog is enabled for posting by email then you can share a video from Glide to that email address and presto! Webcasters pay heed.
After more than a week of previewing Glide for Windows Phone, I’m going to give it a strong Warptest recommendation.
Glide clearly sees the potential of adding Windows Phone and hopefully this will convince other Startups out there.
So fellow Windows Phone users, get thee to the Windows Store and install this app. Frankly, whatever platform you’re using get this app and let me know what you think.
Glide for Windows phone - Warptested

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