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Windows10 On My Lumia 820 Is Fantastic

Windows10 On My Lumia 820 Is Fantastic

Windows10 Is Installed On My Lumia 820…

Okay my Windows Phone Lumia 820 is now updated to Windows10 and I have to say: –

1. This is an incredible improvement, a quantum leap forward in terms of function, UI and performance. Even having seen this in prior Windows Insider previews I’m impressed all over again.

2. This feels like Windows10, not a totally different OS but a “device responsive” version thereof.

3. Regardless of the trolls, naysayers and kneejerk haters of all things Microsoft, Windows10 is going to do some great things and whilst I’m happy I got it on this phone, I’m totally amped to get my hands on a Lumia950XL with Windows Hello and Continuum, a larger device that I can maximize productivity on.

Windows10 on Lumia 820

Lumia 820: Image courtesy of the Microsoft site

The Warptest POV

Firstly, thank you Windows Insider program for giving me access to the Windows10 preview versions. The current (slow lane) version so far is robust and works nicely.

All said and done, it’s all about the apps. The slew of apps I had on Windows Phone 8.1 are updating as we speak and I’ll be exploring the Windows Store for more productive and interesting apps. What’s missing so far? That’s another blog on app parity, Universal Apps and the potential failure of vision those who don’t invest in Windows10 apps are displaying.

For now, I’ll be exploring the new reimagining of Windows on my phone and sharing my discoveries. Stay tuned for more awesome.


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