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Tim Cook Disappointingly Trolls Not Sells

Tim Cook Disappointingly Trolls Not Sells

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple is Trolling Again…

It seems whenever Microsoft comes out with a new product that competes in Cook’s, excuse me Apple’s niche… there he is with something trollish to say on the subject.

This week was no exception, with Cook making spurious allegations that the Surface Book is “deluded”.

I’m pretty convinced that Tim Cook has not laid eyes on, let alone tested out a Surface Book.

Tim Cook Surface Book

Lacking the smallest smidgen of surprise, Cook’s comments come the week the iPad Pro is launched.

Tim Cook iPad Pro

But, but Microsoft Started

Okay Tim chill out man, yes it’s true in Microsoft’s launch event recently they did in fact mention Apple products once or twice.

When Panos Panay pulled out the Surface Book to an awed crowd he did compare performance of the Surface Book to the equivalent Mac Book. Notice the difference between,

Ours performs faster than yours AND I’m going to anthropomorphize your device by calling it deluded.

We get it Tim, we really do. The best defense is offense but, there’s a world of difference between “offense” and “offensive”.

Dude, you make incredible products that sell themselves on design and total ease of use… yes they sell themselves so why behave like a troll to your competition?

All you are showing the world is that Microsoft has you running scared with a product you can only compete with by trash-talking it.

FAILURE 1: this is not how we market Tim. It’s just not.

FAILURE 2: where is the innovation Tim, where?

I’m sorry Tim but the Surface Book is innovative, the Lumia 950 / 950 XL are innovative, promising a true Pocket PC experience  via Windows 10 Phone’s Continuum with a slew of other features.

The Warptest POV

The Warptest POV remains pretty darn consistent on the subject of competition:

  • Having competitors is a must: If you’re developing any product in a niche where you have no competition you had better start asking yourself, why?
  • Competition stimulates innovation: the best thing about Apple having Google and Microsoft is the constant competition benefits us, the consumers.
  • Consider it an homage not copying, not stealing: Metro UI New Windows UI begat Material Design and so on. The highest form of compliment is emulating your competition. It means you think they did something really, really right.

Competition is good, competition is our friend on every level but let’s keep it professional, let’s keep it real.

Tim Cook is the master of the gated community. Apple devices and the App Store define very stringently the rules of the game. This is why the PC is still relevant Tim, this is why consumers like choice.

A cautionary tale for Tim Cook is that this was as near to him channeling Steve Ballmer’s iPhone comments as he could get:

Nutshell, it’s time for Tim Cook to accept that there are amazing devices out there and they are made by Apple’s competitors. Positively market your products and let your respect for your competition stimulate some innovation. There lies the path to true success.

Are you thinking about going to try the Surface Book? At the least judge for yourself why it scares Tim Cook so much.


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