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What I Learnt From Microsoft IFA Presentation Last Week

What I Learnt From Microsoft IFA Presentation Last Week

Microsoft Went On Stage At IFA…

… Last Friday and when I should have been elbow-deep in weekend ironing I was sitting watching the livestream, taking notes in a new Moleskine notebook and live-tweeting some observations.

The presentation was given by Nick Parker, Corporate VP of OEM and Bryan Roper, Executive Demo Lead.

Bryan Roper - Microsoft IFA
Nick Parker - Microsoft IFA

The presentation was well put together, snappy and interesting, and I came away with several insights.

Things you learn from a Microsoft Presentation:

Nick and Bryan wasted no time letting us know the current stats for Windows 10 adoption. The most significant, 75 million devices running Windows 10 in the first month since release.

Then they got to work talking about some of the things that make Windows 10 so great: –

Windows 10 speaking points - Microsoft IFA

They paid a lot of attention to incredible features like Windows Hello, especially when demonstrating it and the hardware supporting it on a slew of amazing devices. My particular favorites were the Acer Cloudbook (a crowd pleaser for the educational crowd, Windows 10 and a Chromebook killer), Toshiba concept, ultrathin laptop and Toshiba IOT (Internet of Things) ED Logger (running Windows10 IOT, I want this yesterday).

Toshiba IOT - Microsoft IFA

Toshiba ED Logger IOT Windows 10 device.

Whilst I was learning a lot about the incredible creativity and designs coming from Microsoft’s OEM Partners, I learnt a few other things too: –

  1. Microsoft, Google and Apple must have an outstanding school for teaching onstage presentation skills. Nick and Bryan gave incredible presentations (even if it seemed that IFA had them on the clock).
  2. Other than Acer with their Jade Primo Windows 10 Phone (yes, with Continuum on display they labelled it a Pocket PC), no OEM focus on Windows10 Phone. Possibly, until Microsoft announces the official launch date the OEMs are keeping quiet.
  3. Oh Bryan, you were doing so well but then you did the speech marks with your fingers. Don’t go all Doctor Evil on us.
  4. If I wasn’t already fascinated by gaming, the new Xbox streaming to Windows10 would certainly be enticing me.
  5. Apparently according to Nick and Bryan, Asus is pronounced Ay-Seuss NOT Ah-Sus. I’m a little traumatized by that factoid.

The Warptest POV

All in all the Microsoft presentation at IFA 2015 was a polished, exciting display of a wide range of devices for all pocket and use case. With Microsoft expected to make announcements in October, about a Surface Pro 4, new Lumia flagship Windows10 Phones and Band2 I didn’t have high expectations of hearing a lot on OEM phones.

That said I’m confident that the number of OEMs building Windows10 Phones will increase from Windows Phone 8.1

Bryan nailed it with one sentence, “The best device that you have is the one you have with you“.

One thing is certain Microsoft knows how to work well with their OEM Partners and us consumers are going to win big time from these partnerships.

Back to my ironing…


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