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Windows 10 Ninja Cat and the Mojo Overload

Windows 10 Ninja Cat and the Mojo Overload

The Countdown to Windows 10 Launch is on…

Windows 10 is due to launch on July 29th. Yes in only a week. Microsoft is promising international launch parties in several countries and up to 20% discounts on assorted hardware in Microsoft Stores, along with some incredible in store give aways.

Speaking of swag and gifting, yesterday the Windows Blog and all around, good guy Gabe Aul shared sets of background / lock screen images for Windows Insiders of the famous Ninja Cat.

Ninja Cat?!?? Too Much Mojo.

Microsoft did something amazing with the invention of Ninja Cat riding a flame-spitting unicorn. The image became a much-sought after sticker and now Microsoft continued in this vein with Ninja Cat on two other worthy steeds: T-Rex and Battling Narwhal.

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These images are downloadable in every conceivable size and resolution for each device size. So of course I had to print one onto a t-shirt.

Whilst I was able to print Ninja Cat to an iron-on decal sheet, there was simply too much awesome, too much mojo and the decal wouldn’t transfer.

I guess I’ll have to experiment a bit more.

The Warptest POV

Not to miss the point, this was a cool gift on the part of Microsoft for all the Windows Insiders who participated in using and testing Windows 10 during its pre-release phase.

Microsoft seems to really grasp the concept of engagement and of course, fun. The Ninja Cat set of images was also released with each graphic element separate so us Insiders can create our own custom scenes. I recommend searching online for them, there is already a Ninja Cat – T-Rex – Jurassic World mashup image paying homage to the famous Chris Pratt – Raptors meme.

As I’ve already written, Windows 10 is going to put the WIN back in Windows and if you were wondering whether to upgrade.. Wonder no more, I will excitedly be upgrading the first chance I get.

The answers to many of your questions are here.

My hat is off to everyone who participated in making Windows 10. Counting down to the 29th, see you then.


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