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Why The Get Windows 10 App Won’t Go Away

Why The Get Windows 10 App Won’t Go Away

The Get Windows 10 App…

If you got it, then you had a direct line into reserving your free copy of Windows 10. Meanwhile it stayed in your System Tray and you probably thought,

“I’ll just ignore it. It’s not doing anything even though I reserved my copy of Windows 10, why hasn’t it vanished?”

A couple of days ago the app got an upgrade which included:

  • More information for the consumer via a slider screen.
  • The reserve your copy button if you hadn’t already done this.
  • A hamburger menu which takes the user to a variety of features but most important is check your PC.

Get Windows 10 App - screen 1

Get Windows 10 App - screen 2

Get Windows 10 App - screen 3

This was the Second Iteration…

For the Get Windows 10 App this is iteration #2 and the Check PC feature is a basic compliance to hardware spec test.

The indicates that the next iteration will also be testing apps and devices, giving the user a comprehensive report on if their hardware, software and drivers will be supported by Window 10.

That said, you can also go to the official site of your PC and search for {Model name}, {number} & Windows 10 to see if the OEM has further information for you on compatibility.

The Warptest POV

Now you know, you don’t want the Get Windows 10 App going anywhere, just make sure your Windows 7 / 8x is updated to ensure you have the latest version of the app.

My advice, figure out your upgrade plan including elements like backup all data and media to the cloud / external storage & add a reminder to your calendar to do this before July 29th.

Also ensure you have all license keys for installed, licensed software on the PC.

If you haven’t reserved a copy yet, you can also do this from the sidebar menu in the app: Reserve your upgrade.

I’ll say it one more time,

“Windows 10 offers a strong list of killer features like Cortana, the return of the Start Menu, the merge of New Windows (Metro) Start Screen and the desktop, Live Tiles, Edge Browser, Hello (biometric login), Continuum, Virtual Desktops and more. In answer to the big question, should I upgrade? My answer is an unequivocal yes.”

Get Windows 10 App - Reserved

With T-minus 24 days, I’ve reserved my Windows 10, how about you?


I don’t want Win 10, as I understand it was developed for fruitcakes. Why is windows so insistent on turning “normal” people into Microsoft robots?

hey there NormalATaol. Nice to meet you but I have to disagree. Windows 10 is perhaps the best improvement in cross-device Operating Systems to come out of any development shop ever.
Certainly the numbers of adopters upgrading and buying new devices supports this but the technological leap with Windows 10 offers whole new ways to be productive in the OS and how it ties to apps.
For example, taking Cortana to the desktop and integrating with apps is incredibly useful.

I’m not sure where you heard the “fruitcakes” thing from, and by the way I love a good fruitcake mmmm, but I think someone is steering you wrong.
Microsoft is not trying to turn anyone into anything other than more productive. Take it easy, have a happy holiday season and try to get to a store where they have on display Windows 10 devices to try. I think you’ll be pleasantly impressed for yourself.