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YouTube Just Fired Their First Salvo At Meerkat and Periscope

YouTube Just Fired Their First Salvo At Meerkat and Periscope

YouTube Had Big News Today…

… with the announcement that their Live Streams now support HTML5 playback and a dazzling 60 fps (Frames per Second) video.

Google+ already offered live streaming and you could also access this feature from your YouTube account by doing the following: –

  • Sign in to YouTube with your Google account
  • From the top menu bar select upload from the right hand side
  • Now select the Google+ Hangouts On Air from the right menu bar by clicking the broadcast
  • Add the necessary details and you are good to go (assuming your webcam and mike are working).

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All the Details

After reading several of the tech blogs I decided that they, especially Venturebeat had covered the technical aspects of the story nicely, explaining the facets of 60fps and HTML5 support.

For most of us the biggest issue here is, will our browsers support this? Venturebeat goes on to explain that the latest versions of IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera should all handle this just fine.

This is a big step for HTML5 platform/ technology maturity.

Venturebeat’s post looks at the ramifications for Gaming, eSports and Twitch but for my money they are missing the big picture …

The Warptest POV

Anyone not living in a cave and reading about Live Streaming right now will know all about the battle for dominance in Social Live Streaming between Meerkat and Periscope (Twitter’s recent acquisition).

When I wrote about this in March I already suspected / predicted that it was a natural evolution of YouTube / Google+ Live Streaming and Hangouts mobile app to begin competing against these other two apps.

youtube - google+ hangout app

With the news today, the technology is in place and it doesn’t take much to see a YouTube Live app with Google+ social integration landing in the Play Store in the next few weeks or months.

One of the prevalent arguments I’ve heard is that without curation Social Live Streaming has a poor chance of success as the good content simply won’t be discovered. I disagree. If you follow people in your social networks already who provide you with valuable, meaningful content then some of them will already be delivering the same through Meerkat or Periscope. We don’t need curation, we need to use our common sense and leverage our social networks or robust discovery within the app(s).

This is where YouTube / Google+ has an advantage, it has Google search and an existing network to build on. In addition Google+ Hangouts On Air already has API support in place. Until now, the race was to see who would go from just having an iOS app to launching on Android (and hopefully Windows Phone too); Meerkat won this stage of the race.

youtube livestream competitor meerkat android

The next and even more important stage of the race will be based on API launch and Google is already there. The only question is when they launch a mobile app will it only be for Android?

So I’m going to ask one more question, who will be next (after YouTube) in the arena of Social Live Streaming on mobile? Who do you think?



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