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Regression Testing 101

Regression Testing 101

Regression Testing…

I recently discovered that some team members needed a basic run through of the ideas behind this. With this in mind I used the incredible new Office web application, Sway to create a presentation that I could use to get across the basics.

Sidebar: Sway

Sway is available to anyone with a Microsoft account (which also means you have free OneDrive and it comes with a strong Warptest recommendation.

This is not Powerpoint online (again you can find that in it is clearly still in beta but allows the creation of simple, elegant presentations that can be shared or embedded.

Sway - regression testing 101

If you don’t know about the free, yes FREE version of then check it out ASAP.

Regression Testing 101

The Sway presentation works better with the accompanying talk but the core ideas behind the Regression Testing 101 talk are:

CIR- regression testing 101


The Warptest POV

After running through two sessions on regression testing the issue is refreshed in my mind and clear to the testers who needed the extra information.

Sway makes for an easy to use tool for creating elegant visual presentations online.

Clearly the benefits of creating presentations and training talks are two-fold: for the person giving and receiving the information.



Well – by Einstein definition All Testers are probably Insane 😉
Though when we (seem to) Do things over and over again – actually due to different HW & OS parameters,
actually we do different things over and over again – thus get different results…
If you keep reproducibility details in your Bug Tracker – you can easily see that in many cases, program does not behave the same in what looks like repetition of same scenario.
@halperinko – Kobi Halperin

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