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Your Office 365 Your Way. How It All Ties Together.

Your Office 365 Your Way. How It All Ties Together.


Microsoft Office 365 Your Way…

…If Redmond aren’t using this slogan then they should be. Over the past months Microsoft Office has delivered some radical changes and improvements in applications, add-ons and the underlying business model.

The shift from search to intelligent discovery in Office 365 was achieved with Project OSLO, now Office Delve built with the Office Graph.

Office 365 - Delve intelligent discovery

Image thanks to Office blogs

You Won’t Believe What Office Did Next…

Over the last week we were bombarded with news from Office but before this the biggest news recently was that Office 365 Subscribers get unlimited, yes UNLIMITED storage on OneDrive from first release 2015. The ramifications of this are huge especially with OneDrive now differentiating between personal and business files.

Office 365 - unlimited One Drive storage

Image thanks to Office blogs

It’s a Rollercoaster…

First Microsoft announced at TechEd the availability of Office 365 APIs (for mail, files, contacts and calendar) and Mobile SDKs for Android and iOS. Combined with the ability of Developers to deploy their Office apps to the Office App launcher we were now arriving at Your Office 365 Your Way.

Office 365 - App Launcher

Image thanks to Office blogs

This week Microsoft announced a strategic agreement with Dropbox to allow full Office integration across phones, tablets and web. Windows Phone users were doing the happy dance at the announcement that this would finally involve a Dropbox app for Windows Phone, something noticeably MIA.

Office 365 - Dropbox integration

Then Microsoft announced a new version of Outlook for Mac available to Office 365 subscribers…

Today just when we thought it couldn’t get any better Microsoft decided to knock our figurative socks off by announcing that Office for Mobile on iOS and Android will be free, yes absolutely, utterly, totally FREE.

Office 365 - Office for Mobile is FREE

The question is what could the Microsoft Office 365 team do to top this next?

The Warptest POV

Returning readers know that a recurring theme about Microsoft is the ecosystem philosophy. Warptest believes that underneath all the good decisions at Microsoft is a business and technology idea that nothing stands alone and everything belongs to a greater ecosystem. How is this expressed here?

Office 365 - How it ties together - ecosystem

Will Delve work with Dropbox too? That would be incredible but the whole picture represents Office 365 as a comprehensive, customizable collaboration and productivity solution.

The end game is clearly Office Everywhere and all your documents connected thru Microsoft technologies.

We are hearing that the Windows 10 version of Office will be much more touch oriented but if I were asked what Microsoft could do to deliver a KO punch to their competition my answer would be…

Cortana fully integrated into all your Office tools and storage. Not just search, discovery or retrieval of documents on demand and certainly not as a glorified Clippy but leveraging all the power of Cortana’s predictive and speech recognition abilities to take Office beyond touch.

Offcie 365 - Next Cortana for Office?

I guess we will have to wait and see. One thing is for sure, my hat is off to the Office team who demonstrate the definitions of “productivity” and “game-changer”.



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