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BBM For Windows Phone Is A Damp Squib

BBM For Windows Phone Is A Damp Squib

BBM For Windows Phone Has Launched…

… and yet I can’t help but feel that whoever built this campaign at Blackberry never heard the phrase,

Just ship it!

I Have To Confess

I was never into Blackberry or dare I say it a Crackberry devotee but I got the allure, the fascination, the seductive pull of it all.

I watched albeit a little enviously as those with their Chiclet keyboards and push mail just couldn’t tear themselves away from their devices.

To the rest of us with our candy-bar and flipper phones they were the pioneers, those brave few who dared to embrace the future in the now.

So BBM Launched For Windows Phone

But not with a bang, just a whimper. I was fascinated to try BBM after seeing the post by The Next Web announcing the open beta.

I guess I misread or in my enthusiasm misunderstood; after following the link I was taken to Blackberry’s site to sign up for an account only to see this:

BBM for Windows Phone - denied

BBM for Windows Phone … Denied.

Clearly there were a lot of excited early adopters who signed on but I can’t but think that Blackberry have once again misread the mobile market. This ain’t the 1990’s guys.

So many memes, so little time:

One Simply Does Not …

Do or Do Not. There Is No Try.

Your lack of faith disturbs me.

The Warptest POV

Its 2014 so let’s be realistic: –

  1. Who does limited beta runs? Even the leanest start-ups know to ship the product and show the most basic metric: number of app downloads.
  2. You don’t tease your prospective users with a sign-up form then tell them, “…Tough luck Dude, you get to wait for us.”
  3. If like the screen capture says “BBM for Windows Phone will be available shortly.” Then why not wait to launch it, were you worried about Palm launching something before you? Oh, er, right…
  4. Link goes to Windows Phone store -> User downloads App -> User signs in or signs up in the app.
  5. How does this convince me to adopt BBM over the other messaging apps out there?

To their credit the screenshots of the app look great and I’m trying to counter my irritation at whoever applied “cryogenically frozen” marketing strategy over my interest in testing out the app.

BBM for Windows Phone - Nice UI

My hope is that BBM for Windows Phone will be a successful app despite this malarkey.

So Blackberry I beseech you, take a leaf out of many Startups, indie App developers and other established companies books.


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If you are going to ship then get behind it heart and soul and play to win.


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