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Windows XP Users, Don’t Fear The Reaper.

Windows XP Users, Don’t Fear The Reaper.

Is Windows XP Turning Into the Zombie OS That Won’t Die?

I am still hearing about companies and home users resistant to upgrading their PCs from Windows XP.

After talking to some Die Hard XP users this is what I came up with: –

Windows XP - fears

So for those of you who feel this way about Windows XP and haven’t spoken to me on or offline about this I felt I should address these issues.

What’s The Answer?

Let’s look at Windows Update again. I recently posted about the necessity of keeping your Operating System updated; in a nutshell, if your home locks or alarm wasn’t working you would update it too. Windows Update patches holes in your OS security. Is this enough security? No. You need to compliment this with robust anti-malware and a firewall combined with keeping your 3rd Party Applications up-to-date too.

Most users are happy to go with the default Windows Defender and Firewall but there are alternatives (another post for another time). As for your 3rd Party Apps look to Soluto or Filehippo.

The discomfort of learning a new OS. For those of you dead-set against Windows 8 I have two things to tell you: (1) You are wrong not to consider it but, if you really cannot get past your fears then (2) Windows 7 will make you say, “How have I been missing this? Windows 7 is like XP on steroids.” The learning curve for Windows 7 from XP is so shallow it’s almost nonexistent and the learning curve to Windows 8.1 is only slightly steeper.

Budget. Windows 8.x will install on most hardware still in use and you can check this using the Upgrade Assistant. I have a Desktop PC from 2004 that is capable of the upgrade. So in many cases all you need to do is spring for the Upgrade from Vista or XP.

FUD & Trolls: the irony is that the nonsense we read and hear about Windows 8 is regurgitation of the same nonsense we heard about the very OS you are stuck on, XP. Windows 8.1 fixes many of the issues that consumers disliked including a right-click Start Menu, greater mouse / keyboard support for non-touch PC’s and the option of booting to the old style Windows Desktop. Basically, ignore the trolls and head to the nearest PC store to try out Windows 8.1 for yourself. Preferably where knowledgeable techs can walk you through it and show you what it can do.

Overload: if doing the upgrade and migrating your data either to cloud storage or to an external Hard Drive is intimidating then you probably aren’t keeping a backup of your data. Not having a backup is akin to juggling chainsaws, it’s time to get this done whether you are upgrading your PC or not. If you can’t do it yourself then outsource it… now.

The Warptest POV

I’m not going to kid you, upgrading to a new OS or PC is a project but it’s a palatable one that brings a lot of benefits with it. Most likely you aren’t being as productive as you could be with your old PC, but you could be.

Important issues:

  • Run the Windows Upgrade Assistant with all your peripherals / hardware connected to ensure it all passes compliance testing. Some hardware may not have drivers for Windows 8.1 and then it will need upgrading. If your hardware doesn’t pass then do contact the company with the model number of the printer/scanner/ whatever and check with them before spending the money.
  • Make sure you have all your software install disks and licenses for any software you want to install after you have your new OS up and running.

Windows XP - reaper

To those of you still stuck on Windows XP ask yourself, are you really prepared to have all your work and data on a platform that will never be secure again? It’s time to accept that Windows XP has reached the end and you don’t need to Fear the Reaper.

So, embrace the idea of upgrading with both hands and you’ll almost certainly upgrade your productivity along with it.


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