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Microsoft Support Gives And Gets Social ROI

Microsoft Support Gives And Gets Social ROI

My Story With Microsoft Support…

… How often do you speak to Customer Support for work or in your personal life? Due to some of the work I do, I have a lot of contact with a variety of companies.

Microsoft stand out for the way they have leveraged their social presence, especially Microsoft Support or @MIcrosoftHelps to use their Twitter handle.

Microsoft Helps - Logo

I was discussing this today who was telling me that I am probably the only person they know who gets satisfaction when speaking to Support at these companies.

I had one question to ask them at this point…

There is only 1 Important Question

What medium are you using to speak to Support? Phone / Email / Website Form / Facebook or Twitter?

Why is this such an important question?

  • Phone / Email / Website Forms tend to be one to one conversations; discrete and unobserved by others during or after the fact.
  • Facebook / Twitter are Social platforms and conversations are out in the public eye and observed by many.
  • Facebook / Twitter allow a multitude to watch and interact with the conversation and benefit from the support being passed to the original customer themselves.
  • In a nutshell there is no Social ROI to a one on one conversation unless the customer takes it on themselves to share after the fact. Even if the customer does share in a tweet or Facebook status, the impact is not the same as seeing a live, real-time exchange.Microsoft gets this and their Twitter support is excellent.

    The Warptest POV

    If you are in the business of customer support then I would recommend learning from the @MIcrosoftHelps feed and how they interact and engage with customers.

    I am going to give them a 98% success rate for the support I have received from them in terms of good answers that resolve my issues, speedy response and an all-round positive attitude.

    Microsoft - phone?
    Microsoft - Crowd

    The move from traditional unrestricted call center support to 140 characters may seem a strange choice but receiving issues in a brief, concise format is beneficial, social interaction online can take some of the stress out of the situation and the benefits from the crowd observing the level and quality of support given are immense.

    About the only real criticism I have is that you have to know to get on Twitter to get better support from Microsoft than over the phone. That said, I guess I’m fixing that problem here and let me just ask;

Why aren’t you on Twitter?

So if you have an issue with a Microsoft product and need help get on Twitter and speak to them; and if you like tell them I sent you.


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