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Why The OneNote Dev Team Are World Class Marketers

Why The OneNote Dev Team Are World Class Marketers

The OneNote Dev Team Did Something Awesome On Many Levels…

Yesterday I saw a video on Youtube made by the OneNote Dev team which blew me away and very nearly made me indulge in an “…and you won’t believe what happened next” title for this post.

The folks who developed OneNote made a musical video called, “OneNote Mac” to celebrate the launch of the OneNote App for Mac (for free). This is a really good parody of the Les Miserables song, “One More Day”.

Did You See What I Saw?

Firstly the whole video is a really neatly produced homage not just to Les Mis but also to OneNote.

  • The video has a look and feel consistent with the OneNote brand (check the footer banners for a start).
  • Keep your eyes on the text in the footer but especially on any screen / monitor seen in the video.
  • The OneNote team look like a bunch of people loving what they do on a daily basis (and they can REALLY sing).
  • Special mention (and extra points) to the guy in the Star Trek TNG red uniform.
  • At 2 minutes 30 seconds the song reaches its crescendo and with it they totally sum up OneNote.

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The video is fun, well-made but most important sells the OneNote Brand.

The Warptest POV

If I was going to write a post extolling the virtues of OneNote, I simply don’t need to now. More to the point, embedding the video says it better than I could.

Microsoft has been criticized in the past for some poor marketing or branding choices; some have criticized them for snarky potshots at their competition…

… however, the OneNote Mac video nails it and the reason it does is the passion of the Dev team shines through what must have been fun to make.

Selling your brand with or without music has more to do with showing the added value of choosing your product rather than cutting the legs out from under your competitor’s product.

I’m giving this video a must see and I’m strongly recommending that you take OneNote for a spin, whatever your device… you won’t be Les Miserables.


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