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Microsoft Gets AOL Video. An End To YouKnowWhoTube Woes On Windows Phone?

Microsoft Gets AOL Video. An End To YouKnowWhoTube Woes On Windows Phone?

Microsoft and AOL Just Announced Their Deal …

Teaming up to offer AOL’s premium video content through various Microsoft channels.

The AOL post mentions MSN, Bing Apps for Windows and Windows Phone but also goes into detail about the dazzling array of content from sites under the AOL banner like:

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AOL On has a staggering 900000 videos across 15 channels and are announcing new original series this week. All of this adds up to a substantial boost for Microsoft in terms of entertainment and informational content.

I Had Speculated …

In a post unpublished last month that Microsoft might be well served by partnering with Vimeo or Yahoo Videos but since Yahoo are reinventing themselves as a competitor for Bing there was no apparent logic to Marissa Meyer agreeing to this kind of deal.

In the end I let the post sit in drafts and as it percolated this news broke changing the whole picture.

The Warptest POV

Microsoft have been lacking original video content and a sound means to compete with YouTube. This has caused all kinds of problems with Windows Phone and the failure to resolve differences with Google over the jointly created YouTube App.

This is a win-win deal for AOL and Microsoft and whilst AOL already has iOS and Android apps, how long will it take for us to see the equivalent Windows Apps? More importantly will this be one of the first big-league apps to be built as a universal app?

Windows 8 Ecosystem Universal Apps - Microsoft

Windows 8 Ecosystem Universal Apps

So video content consumption just got a lot better in the Windows 8 ecosystem. Is this the first of such content distribution deals and if so will device company, Microsoft explore a competitor to Chromecast too?

Chromecast - Microsoft

Will we see a Microsoft competitor?

Time will tell if Google should have just worked with Microsoft and released the YouTube app and not (de facto) created this partnership.

I’m looking forward to using these new AOL apps when they arrive. How about you?


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