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There’s A New Social NetWORK Called Office 365

There’s A New Social NetWORK Called Office 365

Microsoft Office 365…

Office as a productivity tool has evolved in UI/UX terms but nothing radical has really changed over the last few years.

Many companies are still stuck using Office as if it were still the 90’s

Office 365 Don't Do These

Here are some dysfunctional work productivity habits that I hope you aren’t familiar with:

Office 365 made collaboration, sharing and team productivity easier but the basic paradigm behind it remains unchanged until now.

The Tipping Point: Codename OSLO.

OSLO feeds into Microsoft’s Bing oriented philosophy of content discovery but it combines some truly game-changing ideas:

Office 365 - OSLO

So what is OSLO and what is Office Graph?

Office Graph is the keystone of OSLO, the backend that allows Office 365 to comprehend the work relationships that create the social network that propels collaborative productivity.

Office 365 - Office Graph

OSLO runs as a Windows 8 App or in any major browser (in Windows 7) to allow Office 365 to deliver aggregated content to users based on their work relationships but also across content silos and applications.

Obviously, access to content is subject to permissions like anything else Windows based but gone is the idea of having to expend energy or time on fruitless or laborious searches for Office documents.

OSLO delivers content by also using a layer of machine learning: one example is of knowing that if your Exchange has you attending a meeting where a PowerPoint presentation was made then that document has relevance for you and can be found under a quick filter “Presented to you”.

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Office Blogs has a whole post with embedded video explaining the extensive abilities of Codename: OSLO and how it all ties together.

The Warptest POV

This is clearly a major evolution in the way Microsoft wants us to maximize our usage of Office 365 in the workplace.

While no-one comes right out and says it in the video in the Office Blogs post, it’s clear that OSLO (with Office Graph) is actually a new Social Network for the workplace. The meta-data and social analytics behind the documents, spreadsheets, presentations and videos will become the driving force behind how we work and OSLO intends to deliver it all to us via App or browser with an incredible UX.

In a nutshell, Microsoft Office365’s Codename OSLO project may be the biggest change in how we work productively and a major tipping point for Office itself. This is a wake-up call to everyone else competing in the productivity arena.

OSLO is not some pipedream or concept, if you are a member of the Office 365 Pre-release Program then you have access to OSLO now. The rest of us are going to have to wait until the end of 2014 for the full release.

I’m excited to change the way I use my Office and increase my productivity, how about you?


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