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LinkedIn Borgs Blogs With A New Feature

LinkedIn Borgs Blogs With A New Feature

Last Week I Got A Mail From LinkedIn…

Announcing a new feature and inviting me to try writing posts on LinkedIn in my area of expertise. It was nice to be acknowledged as an “expert” so I clicked on the link in the email and was taken to a page containing a web text editor that looked familiar to anyone who blogs on WordPress, Blogger or just about any other content publishing platform.

LinkedIn organic posting

The toolbar contains the expected formatting functions including embedding media, photos, bulleting and quotes.

Posts can be shared after publishing to Facebook, Twitter or on LinkedIn itself.

How do you know if LinkedIn has rolled out this feature to you? Look on the LinkedIn landing page on the status bar you post from. If you see a greyed out pencil icon on the right of the box then you have this feature.

LinkedIn - create a post here

Truth and Consequences

Last night I discussed this with several people after posting on Facebook and Twitter about the feature.

LinkedIn clearly wants our content and I wonder if this feature has been rolled out to only those who are sharing their own content from outside LinkedIn:

LinkedIn - Viewed Updates

Clearly there are some obvious consequences and intentions around this new feature:

  • LinkedIn wants to drive organic posting onto their platform and ergo off our blogs (unless your blog is not specifically on your niche expertise).
  • The more one posts via LinkedIn, the greater it will increase exposure as an expert in a particular field.
  • Organic post rankings versus shared post rankings will differ. (Hat-tip to the amazing Hillel Fuld for making this point about Google+ during his BizSpark presentation last week).

The Warptest POV

Are LinkedIn really Borging blogs? Are they making resistance futile and should we be abandoning our blogs in favor of posting organically? I don’t believe so.

They are definitely interested in building a strong content curation presence within their own ecosystem but this is an opportunity to redefine your blogging strategy and plan which niche content you post on LinkedIn and which gets shared from your blog.

The other payoff is increased exposure as a professional who is an expert in their field. At the end of the day LinkedIn is about our professional presence so why not attract job offers by using this feature?

I would not be surprised is we see a Klout like ranking system connected to this feature in the future (you read it here first, right?)

I’m working on refining my list of posts and blogging strategy right now, how about you?


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