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Windows Phone Gave Me An Incredible Feature But Then This Happened

Windows Phone Gave Me An Incredible Feature But Then This Happened

Windows Phone Recently Rolled A Substantial Update…

… whilst I found a neat bug with the microphone volume immediately after the update I was really impressed with the variety of features included ranging from: –

  • Improved accessibility features.
  • Close Apps from the App Switcher.
  • Driving Mode.
  • Free up Storage.
  • Assign specific ringtones to Text Messages.
  • Text Replies to Incoming Calls.
  • Support for CardDAV and CalDAV (Google account sync) but only for new phones.
  • And others.

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And The Winner Is…

Windows Phone tackle the issues and dangers of using smartphones when driving with Driving Mode. Driving Mode can be found under Settings and simply put reduces user distraction when driving by limiting what the phone does in terms of calls, texts and alerts whilst making it easy to pre-pair with in-the-Car Bluetooth devices.

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My favorite feature within Driving Mode is being able to set your phone to auto-Text any incoming calls or texts with an “I’m driving right now” reply.

Huge props to Microsoft for promoting road safety here.

A Big But…

Driving Mode on Windows Phone is truly awesome but now picture this…

  • You climb into your car and fish your phone out of your pocket.
  • Access your Settings (maybe you have a Live Tile for this)
  • Scroll down to Driving Mode
  • If it’s not setup have at it, else enable Driving Mode

Whilst Windows Phone allows you to use Live Tiles (and as I’ve mentioned in the past Live Tiles have huge potential) for Settings, you unbelievably cannot create a Live Tile for individual settings.

The Warptest POV

No, not even for Driving Mode. Here is a fantastic feature that by its very nature should be one-click enable/disabled from a Live Tile but the potential of the feature isn’t actualized by failing to embrace best UX practice.

If I had been responsible for testing this Windows Phone update and Driving Mode within it, I would have considered this a critical bug.

For now I will gladly use Driving Mode but with a sense of missed opportunity each time I do so.


Check out the app System Tiles to pin individual settings to the desktop.

Thanks Thomas, I’ll check it out for sure. Still come on Microsoft I love my Windows Phones so do it right.

Hi, I’m sure you know that Driving Mode kicks in automatically when it connects to your car audio system via Bluetooth. So, in most cases you never really need to go to settings to enable it. Of course, if there is no Bluetooth audio system in your car, then, ok, I see your point. Guess, they assumed most cars have such systems nowadays.

Thanks Alberto, I am impressed by what Microsoft have done and keep doing with Windows Phone. Now let’s polish those rough edges to make it a total winner.

Driving mode enables for me as soon as it sees the Bluetooth in my car. It doesn’t even finish pairing and the robot load says “I’ve turned on driving mode for you.”

I don’t even take it out of my pocket.

Would it be nice to have toggle settings in live tiles?
Critical bug that this new feature doesn’t extend the OS in this way?
Doubt it.