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First I Made A Powerpoint Then THIS Happened

First I Made A Powerpoint Then THIS Happened

This Is A Story About More Than Powerpoint

Yesterday I posted this on Facebook about a Powerpoint presentation I had created that had taken on a life all of its own…


Facebook - Powerpoint

Anthropomorphizing your Work

The Powerpoint in question was a bit of practice and fun and after showing it to a couple of professional acquaintances on my Windows Phone, I found myself checking to see if I could actually buy the URL for the web app I had imagined.

At the end of the day I got to sharpen my skills with Powerpoint 2013 (BTW accept no substitutes it rates a killer app from me) and my writing skills, and provided a bit of amusement to some of my Facebook followers and friends.

One tip for those not in the know: If you have SkyDrive, soon to be OneDrive then you have the free versions of Office on the Web: Word, Excel and Powerpoint all there for creating, sharing and presenting right from your browser or mobile device.


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