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Is Cortana Giving The Microsoft Press Conference At MWC?

Is Cortana Giving The Microsoft Press Conference At MWC?

Apparently Microsoft Has A Press Conference Today At MWC

After much noise alleging that Microsoft had all but abandoned MWC, it seems the anti-Microsoft trollosphere have been simply adding to global warming. We can expect a press event from Microsoft today, Sunday 23rd February.


What can we expect from Microsoft? In my previous post I made the point that this was a huge opportunity for Microsoft to unveil their take on wearables; hopefully a Surface Watch or perhaps a competitor for Google Glass? Could we meet Windows Frames today,  Microsoft’s Augmented Reality spectacles?

Many of the tech blogs are postulating that we will see no new Windows Phone handsets launched at MWC but instead Nokia will launch its Android phone. To keep things in context Microsoft is hosting its annual in-house event BUILD in April so why release things now and have to compete with the multitude of other launches? As for a Nokia Android phone, no big deal. Nokia has Symbian, Asha and their incredible Windows Phone Lumia line, so why not add Android to the mix? Especially when Microsoft makes so much money from Android royalties.

What could we expect then?

  • Confirmation of the feature list behind Windows Phone (update) 8.1. Expectation is this is a huge update.
  • Microsoft Wearables hereto designed and built by Redmond’s top secret Skunkworks (if you don’t have this, speak to me Microsoft).
  • Cortana. This is Microsoft’s answer to Siri and other mobile AI. Cortana is expected to be part of Windows Phone 8.1 with some help from Foursquare update but is such a major addition that it demands its own mention.

Microsoft - Cortana

The Warptest POV

If Microsoft are planning on launching Cortana at MWC then my hope is that Cortana herself will give the Press Conference. What better way to demonstrate the Windows Phone AI than allow her to introduce herself.

Regarding the rumors of no new Windows Phone devices or a Microsoft exhibitor presence; it appears that the naysayers and trolls were wrong about at least one of those:

Microsoft - MWC

Whatever the announcements, breaking news or confirmations. I’ll be taking a good look at it all and you can read my take on it all here at

What do you think we’ll hear from Microsoft?