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The Khaaaan Of Mobile App Testing.

The Khaaaan Of Mobile App Testing.

Mobile App Testing…

Isn’t just nice to have, isn’t something you can tack on late in the day; it’s a mission critical task that will ensure whether your app soars to success or flies too close to the Sun.

Mobile App Testing - Soar

Make your Mobile App Soar Like A Rocket!

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The idea of, “We’ll let the users find the bugs for us.” Isn’t just flawed or disrespectful of your users, it’s asking for your App to receive catastrophic reviews.

Why is this a bigger deal with Mobile App Testing than Desktop, Client-Server or Web Applications?

The Nature of the Beast

Given that Mobile Apps range from free to cheap, that most are small and fast to download or install and that many apps have alternatives, the emotional investment is a lot less than purchasing or installing a desktop App. In a nutshell, it’s that easy to uninstall and move on too.

Do you really want your App to inspire this response?


Frustration, infuriation or anger; are those really the emotions you want associated with your Mobile App? These are a short list of deadly sins you had better find during testing: –

Mobile App Testing - Deadly Sins

The Warptest POV

The list above is based (mostly) on real world examples, mistakes that Mobile App Testing didn’t catch and the Startups had to make some serious apologies over.

Which Mobile Apps have you uninstalled for being guilty of one or more of these?

If you believe it’s better to test first and prevent these kinds of bugs but don’t have Mobile App Testing setup then get in touch ASAP.


This is even more important for the corporate app market that I have had the privilege to be involved in. Get it wrong and your 100,000 employees will certainly delete it from their BYOD!

Great comment Julian. A definite point to keep in mind, thanks.

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