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The Great Big MESH Launch Event

The Great Big MESH Launch Event

MESH – The Modiin Entrepreneurs’ Startup Hub Is Open For Business

Modiin one of Israel’s newest cities, formerly branded as City of the Future and historical home of the ancient Maccabees has up until now been best known as a dormitory community. On a daily basis you see traffic congestion resulting from the techie population heading to bigger cities like Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Hertzliya and Raanana.

Modiin is situated halfway between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem but until now has had no major hi-tech or Startup companies.

Several entrepreneurs teamed up to launch the local Hub as a place for Startups and an open, shared workplace for others to use.

The resources are priced well and the location in Modiin’s slightly off the beaten track Ligad Industrial Estate keep those prices down.

Modiin MESH 4sq Map

The Hub, just outside Modiin (Foursquare link embedded in the image)

MESH Launch

My first impression was the amazing layout of the open space and offices at the launch party. I was overwhelmed by the number of attendees at the launch indicating the potential of the Hub.

Modiin MESH Launch Event

Clearly a lot of thought had gone into the look and feel of the place.

Modiin MESH Clocks

Modiin MESH Hub Logo

Modiin MESH Hub

I managed to chat during the event with two of the founders who I know, Moshe Porat and Daniel Morris about the Hub.

I am given to understand that many of the offices have been been rented out already but the shared space is still available with WiFi, phones, a Nespresso coffee machine and other resources.

The variety of Startups already with office space there ranged from a Facebook based app for party suggestions, an enterprise IT oriented company and several others.

One of the founders of the Hub told me of the strong sense of community felt by them and the Startups and the collaborative atmosphere felt there on a daily basis.

The founders are looking at addressing challenges as they arise with creative solutions ranging from: –

  • How to matchmake the employment needs of the Startups with the vast pool of local talent.
  • Working on creating a car pooling service to help people who want to work at the Hub but find it difficult to get there themselves.

The Warptest POV

The Modiin Entrepreneurs’ Startup Hub is a golden opportunity for the city of Modiin, an opportunity that begs to be grabbed with both fists,

The Hub is a stimulus package for the city just waiting to happen: –

  • If X people work locally that is X people less commuting in and out of the city.
  • The business of Hitech requires many tertiary services ranging from finance, IT, office supplies, transport, logistics, legal and more.
  • Startups live and breathe on free-flowing caffeine and take away food / restaurants. Especially for those late night coding / testing sessions.

All of these local businesses will benefit and flourish as demand for their services increases thanks to the Hub.

I left feeling the launch had clearly demonstrated that Modiin Hitech is a force to be reckoned with and big things can be expected from our great city.

If you want to visit the Hub or work there then you can contact them through their site

A huge bravo to the MESH Founders for their hard work getting this launched.


I especially loved the pictures adorning the walls and the Conference room was impressive with Glass windows yet outside sounds kept the noise out… Great job Moshe !

Everything is very open with a really clear clarification of the issues.
It was really informative. Your website is very useful.
Many thanks for sharing!

thanks for visiting Warptest. I’m really glad you enjoyed it and I hope you found the posts here helpful.