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Alphega – Augmented Social Reality App

Alphega – Augmented Social Reality App

Let’s Look At Alphega…

Alphega is a mobile app created by Nubis Technologies, a cool company based in Australia.

Whilst the app was initially available only on Windows Phone I’m giving the Alphega team a big hat-tip for launching on the Google Play Store for Android just before the holidays.

Windows Store Alphega App

What Is Alphega?

Before I get ahead of myself, Alphega is an excellent combination of Augmented Reality, Geo-location and Social Networking that allows you to see Social interactions around you in real time through your Smartphone camera or overlaid on a map.

The user can select which social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Foursquare to track and observe and can define the radius around themselves to capture these tweets, posts etc. within the app.

Alphega define themselves as,

Alphega is the periscope to social networking: a socioscope!”

Which is both an accurate and well thought out description.

The Warptest POV

I’m impressed by the app and enjoy using it. It has allowed me to discover people around me and see social interaction in a new way.

Alphega Augmented

Alphega Geo-location

Screen captures courtesy of the Windows Phone Store Alphega page

Tonight I’ll be at a networking event and I intend to see how the app performs in that context. If this allows me to identify and follow new people at the event then this will make a great app into a killer app IMHO.

So far the app has performed well, has not presented any major bugs and delivers a great UX. Will Alphega be launched on iOS? No idea but if you are interested then tweet and ask them here @Alphega_

Alphega is definitely my best app of 2014 so far and I give it a strong recommend if you are on Windows Phone or Android. Try it out and let me know what you think.


Can you update this blog entry when it becomes available for iOS. I will be checking it out on my son’s Windows Phone tonight.

I’ll do what I can Julian. Maybe the company will get on it.

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