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State of Testing Survey 2013 – Rock the Vote!

State of Testing Survey 2013 – Rock the Vote!

A Testing Survey…

… is a chance to have your voice heard, to share your thoughts and opinions and play an active part in the testing community.

Thanks to the awesome folks at Tea Time with Testers and Joel Montvelisky, co-founder of PractiTest (and one of my favorite Testing bloggers) we get the chance to participate and engage via their State of Testing Survey for 2013.

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You can find the Testing Survey after the link -> here <-

What’s It All About?

On a daily basis we are confronted with challenges, debates and opportunities in our work. The survey will provide us with some very interesting and enlightening metrics… and as testers we love metrics and what they display.

The Warptest POV

Testers need to exercise their voice and be heard both in and outside our community. This is our chance to see who else works like us, faces similar challenges and shares our opinions.

So testers get out there and rock the vote!